FREE Farmer John Hot Dogs! (Begins 8/1)

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If you got the $1/1 Farmer John Hot Dog Coupon in the 7/29 SS this past weekend, be sure to head to Food4Less starting 8/1 to grab them for FREE:

Buy (1) Farmer John Hot Dog $0.78
Use (1) $1/1 Farmer John Hot Dog Coupon 7/29 SS

Or you can also price match this at Walmart to get you some overage!

Thanks Samantha!

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  1. Angela says

    Thank you! I’m definitely heading to walmart I need overage for some paper and party supplies. :) Plus I can have free hot dogs at the party. Any word on the farmer john smoked sausage? My family loves when I bring those to bbq’s! :)

  2. lily says

    I don’t know of its a good deal but for me it is the Banquet frozen meals are $1 and if you buy 10 you get a $5 cat at stater bros

  3. Amani says

    Thanks ? I’m definitely heading to Walmart. I’ve never actually priced matched there. Looking forward to it! The overages that is. :)

  4. Laura says

    When I checked before, 3 of the Walmarts in my area of orange county don’t carry these :( Let us know if you find a Walmart that does!! :)

  5. Roberta says

    Does anyone know if Food 4 Less will accept the $1/1 coupon for the .78 cent hot dogs? Do they give overage? Do they adjust down? Thanks !!

  6. Juliet says

    @Roberta – They adjust it down per their coupon policy

    Also – Does anyone know what Food4Less’ coupon policy is regarding the limit of “like coupons” per transaction?

    I was told at the Redlands, CA Food4Less that they can only accept 3 at a time (per corporate’s coupon policy). I had 6 coupons for the hotdogs (there are no stated limits on the coupon OR the sale). So I started to split them into 2 transactions.

    The cashier informed me that more than 1 transaction was against corporate’s policy. So I told her that I would go ahead and just get the 3 packs and return to get the other two. I was informed by the cashier and the manager that this too was against coporate’s policy. ???

    I’ve separated transactions before at Ralph’s, Walmart, Rite Aid etc

    Anyone else had this problem?

    I’ve found a copy of the F4L coupon policy, but it was last updated Oct. 2011 and it states NOTHING regarding the limit of like coupons, or split transactions.

    If this is new I need to know so that I may adapt :)

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