HOT: 4 FREE Boxes of Popsicles at Albertsons!

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woohoo! There is a hot hot deal available when you purchase 4 boxes of 8 ct popsicles at Albertsons. There is a new $4 catalina printing (this catalina is advertised in next weeks ad but is printing as of today!) when you purchase 4. Here is your deal:

Buy (4)  8 ct Popsicles $0.99 ea with in-ad coupon and $10 minimum purchase (Book of Savings)
Pay: $3.96, Get Back $4 catalina
= 4 boxes FREE!

If you do not want to make the $10 minimum purchase you can pay only $0.49 per box wyb 4 after catalina.

Keep in mind that the $0.99 price ends tomorrow!

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  1. jo says

    thanks josie

    GREat heas up ..on the popsicles & cat deal..Buy (4) 8 ct Popsicles $0.99 ea with in-ad coupon and $10 minimum purchase (Book of Savings)
    Pay: $3.96, Get Back $4 catalina
    = 4 boxes FREE!

    cool deal

    • jc says

      I believe u can only use doublers with coupons worth a max of $1.00. At least that is what I remember reading on their coupon policy.

      • Michele says

        I always thought, and how it works at my store, is you can use a doubler with a coupon larger than $1, but they will only double UP TO $1. So if I have a $1.50 coupon and use a doubler, the doubler will take off $1.

  2. Tanya Willey says

    Just went, and it worked for me – thanks! Would like to know if it’s rolling though, to get more… :)

  3. Kim M says

    2 questions. Does the catalina print for Fudgesicles? Also is this catalina printing at any other stores?

  4. Andrea says

    i see you posting $10 min so is that before or after all coupons? I’m planning my trip right now but need that info. Thx!!

  5. Heather says

    Is this coupon found in the mail or can I find it in the store ad when I stop by? I dont get albie’s curcular in my area :(

  6. Antony says

    Went to albertsons in las vegas at 11 am this morning and did not get the catalina. Other stuff printed but buying 4 boxes of the regular 8 ct popsicles yield nothing today. :( glad to have some popsicles though it’s getting hot out here.

  7. Kim M says

    Just did 2 transactions buying 4 each of the Fudgesicles keeping my transactions to just over $10 after coupons and received $4 catalinas each time. I even used the free coupon that came in the mail for an 18 count of bakery cookies with a $10 minimum purchase. Thank you posting about this great deal. My grandchildren love the fudgesicles.

  8. ronda says

    I don’t understand were is this coupon minimum of 10 purchase i’m comfused i’ve looked for it and can’t find it.

    • Kim M says

      There is a Albertsons Book of Savings that came in the mail and some newspapers 2 weeks ago. The “Book” has coupons in it. One store coupon is for $.99 on Popsicle Novelties 8 count limit 10. It expires today, 7/17.

  9. Stephanie B says

    Thanks for posting this. I received some coupons in the mail from Albertson’s. One of them was for $3 off any frozen purchase, so I used it towards the fudgsicles and bought some other items I have coupons for. Great deal!

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