Coupon Policy Updates: Walmart and CVS

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We have some updates to the Walmart and CVS coupon Policies. I have to admit.. things are just becoming more and more tedious:


Walmart did not update their current coupon policy but there was a update done internally.

1. All Walmart Register systems were updated to accept the GS1 Date bar Codes that most coupons have switched to and all eventually will go to.

2. All coupons must be scanned on the flatbed scanners, the handheld scanners are not supposed to be used any longer.

3. The coupon must scan (not a new change) . Cashiers/CSM’s or Managers are not allowed to override or manually enter coupons.

4. If a coupon does not scan they are instructed to return the coupon to you. This applies to Printable Coupons and newspaper insert coupons.

Note: To ensure that your printable coupons will scan, make sure you print at the highest quality. There have been times where I was running out of ink and decided to print anyway and hope it scanned, this will probably result in the coupon being returned to you.



There have been some additions to the CVS coupon policy regarding manufacterer’s coupons with another stores logo:

  • CVS/pharmacy will not accept third party manufacturers’ coupons with another retailer’s logo  note: a manufacturer coupon that states “available at” with no logo WILL be accepted

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  1. Yvette in Corona says

    I hope those flatbed scanners are clean if that’s the only way they will scan our coupons! Those things are so dirty sometimes! Thanks for the heads up Josie!

  2. Callie says

    I can understand not overriding coupons that don’t scan, either by hand scanner or flatbed scanners. I’ve explained to cashiers that my coupons printed off the internet have unique barcodes, and that’s why they scan. Some tell me, “there’s a lady in here all the time with lots of printed coupons, and they never scan”…that’s because the person is just making copies of coupons, and committing fraud. However, not taking the time to pick up a handheld scanner to use? Ridiculous.

    • KMom says

      I wouldn’t say that b/c they don’t scan, she is copying them and committing fraud. My printables often don’t scan, but I am just printing them on my printer, not copying them.

  3. sandy says

    did wm change beginning today for no more handheld? cus i just went in last night and just about all my coups didnt scan on flatbed but did when used by the scanner. was that all u meant by internally (along w/ the gs1 code)?

  4. Jason says

    Half the coupons I use at WM would beep because they aren’t coded correctly even though the text says it should apply. I guess I’ll have to shop elsewhere.

  5. Robin says

    I work for Walmart and I have not heard of any of this. If the coupon does not scan, we can use the handheld. If it still does not scan and the item was purchased, we can manually put it in. All the cashiers I know, do the same.

    • Jenn says

      Wat Walmart do you work at I would love to go to the one you work at because the one I go to they be giving me a hard time with my coupons

  6. Lynda says

    With coupon fraud on such high alert, do you all think that one day coupons or shall I say paper coupons will be a thing of the past?

    • Callie says

      I have thought the same thing, especially when Vons has the Just4U program, and has ‘digital coupons’ you can load on your card. I guess you could get multiple cards to skirt around the limits on that though. Sad since the legitimate savers and couponers, such as Josie, would be penalized for the extreme ones and the ones committing fraud.

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