HOT Just4U Digital Coupon Update!

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Yes, you can stack a paper coupon with this ecoupon!

Over the weekend there was a lot of talk about the awesome Kraft deal at Vons. As much as I want to bring you all the best deals, sometimes there are questions that I can not answer for you. So, I usually go right to the source if it becomes too much of an issue and to make sure I get a straight answer for everyone!

There have been some questions regarding stacking paper coupons WITH Just4U digital ecoupons. I have been told that… it is OK to stack paper coupons with Just4U Digital ecoupons! I contacted the Vons team to make sure that we got an official OK and I’m happy to report that the Just4U coupons are STORE coupons. :)

Note: I understand that not all of the coupons in the “coupon center” are store coupons..From what I was told, only the Just4u digital coupons shown in the ad are stackable.

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    • SChavez says

      Hi Mira,
      Yes, the Just4U coupons all expire today but the Catalina deal itself is not over until the 15th. Josie posted it in her original offers. Hope this helps!

  1. dealgirl says

    Great to know. Bummer that I didn’t use my Oscar Mayer lunch meat printables when I got the 10 packs! Woulda made a MM! Still a great deal, though!

    • Jennifer says

      If you still have your receipt you may want to take it in to Cust Service with the coupons. My Vons is so awesome they would probably take it as a “missed coupon”!

  2. Nanette says

    Is there anyway we can print what they said up? Just asking because I bought 2 of the Gevalia coffees and wanted to use the bogo coupon. I also had a $1 off ecoupon in my Just4U. The register wouldn’t take my bogo coupon. The cashier said there’s already a coupon attached to the coffee :(

  3. Kris says

    FYI: Not all of them are store coupons. I have tried to stack some previously and was told that it was a manufacturer coupon. Also, looking at previous receipts, I had noticed that some say Just4U store and some say Just4U Manufacturer. I wish there was an easy way to tell which is which. I have noticed that some coupons in my J4U account say “Save $x.xx” and some say “$x.xx Off”. I wonder if these could be the tell-tale sign?

      • Mary says

        I’m sure there’s an answer in there somewhere, too!
        Thank you very much for the feedback on this, Josie. It’s great they they are giving us more options, I just wish there was some clarity about it all when we are actually loading the coupons.

        I have noticed that there are some “Save $xx” digital coupons that have the wording “see details” where you can click the link and see further details at the bottom. In other words, the manufacturer’s fine print. But there are some “Save $xx” that do not have that wording at the bottom, suggesting those might be store coupons. And none of the “$xx Off” have that wording– again, suggesting they are store coupons. But then I wonder if some manufacturers (like Kraft and P&G, for example — two common “Off” ones I see) require their digital coupons be worded that way or something. Who knows. It would be so much easier if Vons arranged the coupon center so that they only put the “just4u” symbol (or some special symbol) on the store coupons, so we can tell immediately at a glance which digital coupons would be stackable with paper coupons, and we can load those. It’s great that they specify on the receipt which is which, but that’s not very helpful before shopping. 😉 I understand that we can look at the physical store ad for the in-ad coupons, and be able to tell which corresponding digital coupons would be stackable store coupons, but it seems like there is so much more that might lend itself to stacking. It just needs to be clearer. We could be buying even more stuff from their store (and saving even more dollars for ourselves)! Vons should care about this! :)

        Also, I have shared this tip before and maybe it will help others:
        If you want to more quickly see a distinction between the “$xx Off” / “$xx Each” and the “Save $xx” coupons here is what I do:
        Go to Coupon Center, set page to Show All coupons (upper right corner drop-down)
        Then sort by “About To Expire” (upper left corner drop-down)
        Then all coupons will be grouped into the 2 main categories: Things You Buy and Things You Might Like. Any coupons you already have loaded to your card will be at the bottom of each of those categories (the grayed-out ones; and they are ordered by when you loaded them, not by expiration date).

        At the top of each category the coupons are grouped by expiration date with soonest dates first, then furthest dates. Within each grouping of specific expiration dates (for example, 9/4/12, 9/9/12, 9/18/12, etc) you will see one or more coupons grouped. You should see any “$xx Off” or “$xx Each” or specific price like “2 for $3” coupon offers listed FIRST (these are the ones I suspect are the possible stackable ones), then you will see any “Save $xx” coupons (these are the ones I assume are manufacturer ones, and the ones that most often have the ‘see details’ link on them). So if you scan down and go further in time with expiration dates, it’ll go Off/Each then Save, Off/Each then Save, continuing for each group of specific expiration dates. I hope that makes sense. It’s a little overwhelming at first, but there is definitely a pattern! Scanning the coupon center this way has helped me to make sure I’m not missing anything I want to load. I always load the “$xx Each” coupons (the ones that are the same as the store ad coupons), and almost never load the “Save $xx” ones, unless there is a specific deal using them. And now I am considering loading more “$xx Off” coupons to see if they’ll stack!

  4. Shanon says

    Great news! I just got back from vons and did the kraft deal with some of my paper q’s. Bought 8 deli meats and 2 turkey dogs with 3 j4u “free” items. Paid $10.24 and got back the $10 cat! Thank you for all your hardwork Josie and everyone for reporting back with their secrets:) I really appreciate it!

  5. Frugal Kitti says

    Thanks for clarifying this Josie. I love Southern Cali Saver because it has helped me save so much money. I couldn’t do it without you.

  6. Dallas says

    I just got back from Vons and tried doing the OM hot dog deal. I only got $1.00 taken off instead of $10.00 and I was told by the Vons store manager this weeks ecoupon with Oscar Mayer was a glitch in the system and it was intended to be only used one time on one item and since has been fixed. =(

    Is this true?
    I am so confused as to what is really correct

  7. Debbie says

    you’re so awesome Josie! Thank you so much for the time you put in this site to help us all save and find great deals out there.
    OMG, I was so bummed when Vons discontinued their double coupon. This is definitely a plus for Vons.
    I was just recently told about your site and I have gotten some awesome deals and freebies at Target. Thanks again! :)

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