*Hot* Try Me Free General Mills Rebate in 9/9 Inserts! {up to $40}

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Wow! Be on the lookout for this AWESOME Try Me Free rebate from General Mills tomorrow. This rebate is a Try me Free Rebate for up to 12 items! (Yes, 12 FREE items!) and they must be purchased at Vons or Safeway Family Store:

Yoplait Greek 100 Calorie Yogurt (up to $1.50)
Yoplait Simplait (up to $1.05)
Green Giant Seasoned Steamers (up to $3.45)
Yoplait Greek Smoothie (up to $3.45)
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix (up to $4)
Betty Crocker Shake-n-Pour Dessert Mix (up to $4)
Progresso Light Soup (up to $3.10)
Progresso Recipe Starters Cooking Sauce (up to $2.85)
Apple Cinnamon Chex (up to $3.90)
Fiber One Nutty Clusters and Almonds Cereal (up to $5.05)
Mott’s Fruit Flavored Snacks (up to $3.45)
Fiber One Chewy Bars (up to $4.50)

You can use coupons on this rebate– Although, you will receive the value after coupons.. You also have until 9/22 to complete this. Also, you can submit this rebate if you have done the General Mills Rebates in the past.

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    • Blizzard says

      I am curious…
      Did you find and buy everything at one Vons store (only one receipt)?
      or could you not find everything in one store,
      (did you have to go to a second Vons),
      and therefor had to submit two receipts?

      • AJ says

        Last time I had to go to multiple stores to get the products on the rebate so I sent in multiple receipts and got my refund no problem (although as Josie said it did take about 10 weeks). Smirnoff rebate was really fast though – like 4 weeks.

  1. yoko says

    I haven’t received smiroff rebate yet either. I submitted in May…. i don’t know where i should contact to…. bummer..

  2. Laura H. says

    Woo hoo — thanks for the heads up! I still have not received my last GM rebate either, but I remember the first time they did this (January I think?) it took about 12 weeks to receive, maybe even a bit longer. FYI, on the ink-saving front, I also found a .30 Yoplait Simplait Q in the 8/26 SS (on the same page as the .50 Fiber One Q). BTW, someone asked about splitting this rebate into 2 transactions… since the rebate form says receipt and not receipt(s), I personally just got everything I could find in one shopping trip last time (I think I was missing 2 items). Would be interested to hear if anyone has successfully submitted multiple receipts for one of these, but personally I don’t think I’d risk it.

  3. Brandi says

    My Sunday paper did not have one yikes!! Only smart source inserts. Darn Vegas. Is there somewhere I can get one online? I know it has to be an original. Thanks all!! I’m new and love this site.

  4. Daniel says

    I am in Orange County, CA and I get both the OC Register and the LA Times Sunday papers and neither of them had this offer. Exactly what inserts are they in? the coupon inserts (RP, SS) or what?

    • barbara says

      I live in OC & get both papers. It was only in the LA times one. SMartsource had it along ith all the coupons to go with it. I didnt even get the coupons for it in OC paper.

  5. Lori says

    I am also in OC & was excited to find rebate form but was not in my Register paper. Please let me know where this can be found or if someone can be so kind to mail me a form- I can pay for postage. Thank you!

  6. Rachel says

    My rebate form came in one of the SS inserts. I have 3 extras. First 3 to email rmproffitt@gmail.com, I’ll mail it to you. I just recently received the GM rebate so I was excited to see that they’re doing another one.

  7. Laura H. says

    I’m right in Los Angeles and got one in my LA Times… it was in one of the Smart Source inserts (the one with the DirecTV ad on the front).

  8. Charlotte says

    I am in Corona and get LA Times and Press, my LA dis not have it but the Press did. It was in the SS with Directv ad cover.

  9. Anne says

    I want to trade mine for $1 silk almond milk. Its a printable located in the recent Ralph’s matchup. Email megulle @ sbcglobal dot net if interested. Thanks!

  10. Hope (Corona) says

    I noticed today while filling out the rebate form, that they are now asking for the UPC to be printed on the receipt. The previous rebate never asked of this, so keep this in mind before you put all your groceries away like I did:)

  11. Vanessa says

    I just bought 3 L.A. Times and for some reason they all had 2 of the same exact SS so now I have 5 extra rebate forms that I am more than happy to mail to the first 5 people who email me at sweetpurple1225@aim.com : ) I will have them out in the mail tomorrow morning : ) Good luck everyone…….

  12. Jen says

    Pavilions has most of these items on sale this week. I didn’t use any coupons on them (to simplify the rebate process) and it only cost about $26 to buy every item on the list. Super fun to buy so many items and know you will get all your money back!

  13. Josi says

    Just wanted to share that when I went to my Vons store today they had an end cap displayed with alot of the items and they had rebate forms on a tear pad!!!!

  14. Courtney says

    Is the UPC barcode number that you have to write on the receipt the entire number on the product barcode or excluding the two numbers outside of the barcode lines?

  15. Holly says

    Does anyone still have any extras? I will pay for a stamp. I know it is late but I could buy the items and then send in the rebate when I get it. Thanks. Please send to bbmama09@gmail.com. I would really appreciate it.

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