Rite Aid: Better than free Ban Deodorant!

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Yesterday was the beginning of the new September monthly +Up rewards at Rite Aid! You can score a sweet deal on Ban Deodorant through 9/8:

Ban Deodorant BOGO free $3.99
Get Back (2) $2 +Up (monthly) AND $1 +Up (weekly)
= FREE + $1 MM!

Thanks, Rite Aid 101!

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  1. Lindz says

    This may be a dumb question…but what is the difference between the weekly +Up and monthly +Up? Will they both print out on my receipt?

  2. Eric says


    Another double dip with weekly/monthly ups:
    Buy 2 Culturelle pro-biotics 30 count ($24.99 each/ regular price)
    monthly BOGO Free (weekly BOGO 50% is disregarded)
    Use 2 $3/off printables
    monthly $2 up from culturelle
    weekly $2 up from estroven
    OOP $18.99, get $4 up
    total $14.99, $7.50 each (70% savings)

  3. yoko says

    Just bought 2ban 4 honest tea and 2 carefree.paid after coupon 8 bucks received upreward 9. Great shopping! But i got a problem that i had some upreward to use expire 9/9th so wanted to use it, but then automatically upreward recently i earned loaded,so that i couldn’t use it. I am afraid that nexy shopping aldo happens samething and my old one wll be expired…. anyone has sam problem?

    • Gaby says

      This is the reason why so many of us opted out because once your card is scanned it takes off the +ups you have loaded. Maybe make sure your total after coupons but before +ups is the same as the +ups you have on our card and the one you have on paper.

      • Donna says

        I went to RA this morning, had $19UPR loaded in my card from the day before, on my receipt only $18UPR were used towards my purchase. And I just so happened to open the RA app on my phone this evening and the $1UPR was used (3 hours later). I have all the cards accounted for at home. So perhaps someone used my phone number???

    • AJ says

      I think that you can go into your wellness + account and “unclick” any UP rewards you don’t want to use right away so you could do that to ensure you can use your paper rewards first.

      • Cindy says

        I was also told that if you don’t scan your card but enter your phone number instead none of the loaded ups will be taken off. I guess those loaded ups can only be used when your card is scanned.

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