Food 4 Less Coupon Match-Ups 10/10-10/16

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Here are the best deals I see this week!

I have listed all the BEST deals I see for this week. 



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  1. Rosa says

    The gain softener is also 1.98 if u buy 4 and if u have a coupon of 2 dollars off if u buy 2 that will equal to a dollar each, also there’s a dollar off one gain product either detergent or softener

  2. says

    I went today & purchased 4 herbal essence & used 2 b1g1 coupon plus 2 $1 off any herbal essence product from a blinkie machine next to the shampoos & paid $2.65 including tax for 4 that’s like $.67 each.

    • sandy says

      I tried to do this yesterday and the cashier told me I couldn’t. I was sure I could and tried to explain to her but she wouldn’t let me talk and gave me attitude. I just didn’t get anything :(

  3. Lynda says

    Just thought I’d share. I went to Food 4 Less last week to grab some of these deals, and there was a gentlemen in front of me checking out and he had the nerve to break the couponing rules. He was buying eight febreze aerosol sprays and six toothpastes and other items all in one transaction WHEN the coupon clearly states 4 like coupons in the same shopping trip. What is even more shocking is that the cashier didn’t even bother to look at the fine print on the coupon and accepted his coupons. Both of them should know better. Maybe some of you might think well what’s it to you BUT because of people like this we all get slammed with more and more strict rules when it comes to couponing. We all want a good deal at the end of the day, let’s not abuse it.

    • DEEJAY says

      we had a 2$ off 2 febreeze products in the P&G so maybe they used those? so they would have been able to get 8 if they used 4Qs because thats how i was able to get 8 plus used 4 1$ off febreeze so ended up getting 12 total without abusing coupon policy :)

        • Deejay says

          Oh okay then yea how rude lol I hate when ppl do that! There’s a girl at my f4l that uses 21Qs of the same Q at a time she says .. Which is like dumb!! Like you know your not supposed to but still do!! Irritating!!

    • lily says

      some cashiers would rather you do one transsaction rather than 2 or more regardless of what coupon says. It has happen to me before, but I lat the cashiers tell I not I do seperate

  4. sophia says

    can anyone please tell me if this p&g sale at food 4 less is a monthly sale?
    it has been on sale last ween and this week. i’m wondering if it will be on sale again next week!
    I want to order some coupons so i can stock up but don’t want to if its not going to be on sale next week. kinda iffy situation but any input or help would be great. thanks!

  5. Crystal O says

    Just wanted to know if anyone else was told from their Food4Less store they could not accept the Crest $1 off for two from PG 9/30 because there was a memo that came out saying to only accept the coupon if the product being bought is the the pictured product on the coupon, which was Crest Pro Health, but the coupon states itself CREST TOOTHPASTE (4.0 OZ OR MORE) OR LIQUID GEL, EXCLUDES TRIAL/TRAVEL SIZES. Nothing that says Crest ProHealth ……does the statement on the coupon no longer matter? Only what’s pictured on the coupon now? Very annoyed.

  6. maria ortega says

    Hi, I have a few $1 of 4 cans coupons from Libby’s canned vegetables that expire at the end of this month. I want to know if paying 0.40 per can is a great stock-up price. I see they are 5 for $3 in this week’s Food4Less ad. Is there maybe another store where I could get them cheaper or should I hold on to them for a better sale? I’ve never seen them cheaper than this in SoCal. Thanks.

  7. Sheri says

    The always infinity pads are part of the sale $2.28, use the my $2.50/2 and pay$ $1.03. The infinity pads have more count than the radiant pads ( also part of the sale) so better deal.

  8. says

    Crystal o. No ,the cashieer is suppose to fallow the coupon as directed . Not the picture shown . Thats is usually what inexperienced cashieers sat . Or what u are told wen they feel like hassling you. I asked my F4L about the memo n they hAd no idea what i was talking bout. Jyst try again e another cashieer or talk to the manager before u checkout . Remember friendliness n smiles go a long way;)

  9. says

    Last week the grocery manager was applying some strange coupon guidelines that were very hard to deal w. But i brought it to the attention of the store manager n he appologized n told me he would have to explsin himself more clearly to the grociery manager . And all i had to do was speak up .on the phone….. Of course . Its already hard enuff . Jeesh;)

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