Food 4 Less Coupon Match-Ups 10/17-10/23

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Here are the best deals I see this week!

I have listed all the BEST deals I see for this week. 




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  1. Curtis says

    Does anyone know the price of the following items this week?
    Yakisoba noodles
    Gain fabric softener
    Downy fabrice softener
    I forgot to get there by Tuesday and I am hoping these are still on sale.

  2. sammy says

    I had coupons for yakisoba noodles from maruchan brand. I went to Walmart and they are .97 with . 50 coupon ea. I got them for .27 each. Best part coupon dosnt have a limit of coupons per transaction

    • Kent says

      Cardenas is 2 for $1.00 on the Yakisoba (through today). Some are anti-couponing and may not let you use any coupons to get it free or may limit you to 4 even though there is no limit on the coupon. I went to a Walmart yesterday and price matched 28 of them. A friend sent us 90 coupons. I guess I’ll be stopping at a few more Walmarts today.

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