Food 4 Less Coupon Match-Ups 10/3-10/9

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Here are the best deals I see this week!

I have listed all the BEST deals I see for this week. 





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  1. Sarah says

    Question, in the p&g saver the coupons say limit one coupon per purchase and limit of 4 like coupons per household per day. Does this mean I can use 4 in one transaction, or do I need to do 4 tranactions per day?

  2. Jenny says

    Not sure if it’s a typo but my ad states Fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts are $1.68/lb. I think this is a great price.

  3. Pamela says

    If you are looking for a few extra P&G coupons for the $4off4 sale, there are alot of P&G digital coupons you can load onto your ralphs card through their site. Food4less and Ralphs are both Kroger affiliate stores, F4L will take your ralphs card for fuel points and e-q’s! If your F4L started having their own store cards (mine did, san diego area), then you will have to get a food4less card from the store and call the # on it to link up your ralphs card w/your f4less card so the e-q’s will come off when the f4less card is used. If your f4l store still takes ralphs cards, you will not have to do anything special, the e-q’s will(should!sometimes e-q’s have glitches!) come off automatically. I hope that all made sense and I hope that helped someone out there!

    • Michelle says

      This sounds awesome! I’m from San Diego too. Which food 4 less started having their own card? Do you know if they all are doing this? Thanks in advance!

    • SChavez says

      I asked the cashier about the Food4Less loyalty card today (Vista store) since they do not accept the Ralph’s card anymore. She told me that they no longer have such thing, just people that are employed by F4L have them. I will check their website later on or maybe call customer service to clarify. Thanks for sharing.

  4. paula L. says

    Tampax radiant is not part of the sale in Norwalk. Also they gave me a hard time with the crest coupons since they say 4.0oz or more not “4.0oz or larger”. A bit crazy and I fought them on it until they called the manager.

  5. CAROLYN says

    I went to Food for Less this morning to purchase the Old Spice and Gillette bodywash. The teller would not take my manufacturer coupons. Basically her reasoning was that I was alredy getting a $1.00 discounted on the products by electronic store discounts and I could not combine it with my manufacture coupon. Is that correct? I asked another teller at the store who informed me of the same policy. I dont believe that is correct. Do you?

  6. Margie says

    I went to Food 4 Less in Corona this morning to take advantage of the Gain sale, the cashier told me I could only use 1 coupon per 4 items. When I asked her to clarify her policy she called her manager. When the manager came she basacilly told me she’s had a lot of problems with coupons and she does not have to accept them if she doesn’t want to. I left without buying anything. Never going to that store.

    • says

      I went to f4l in corona . The p g sales! So i planned it out which was hard bevause the coupon states lim 4. But they have a limit nowof 3. So i got it sooo perfect. Then im shopping w my 2 toddlrs ,while my othr babies wete at school ction as .wen i finally got to check out the cashier told me only one coupon at a time. So i rearranged it in 3 sepetate transaction.which was tuff. Nhe told me ” no only 1 p gg coupon fr the whole entire purchasr, because im trying to commit fraud”. The manager took 4 ever comng n my othr kids were getting let out of school..???help

  7. says

    Ive been couponing fr 2 yrs n this has never happen . Although i have had my problems . But i dont know if i dont know how to use the coupons or the f4l in corona doesnt know how. Come on people .

  8. says

    HEADS UP GUYS!! The f4l in corona did give me problems yestrday but the managers are usually so nice to me so i went frst thing this morning and had ni problems . The managr told me he had to straightn some things out w the other shifts. But it shouldnt b an issue to use ur p gs .so long as u use them properly

  9. Crystal O says

    Just wanted to know if anyone else was told from their Food4Less store they could not accept the Crest $1 off for two from PG 9/30 because there was a memo that came out saying to only accept the coupon if the product being bought is the the pictured product on the coupon, which was Crest Pro Health, but the coupon states itself CREST TOOTHPASTE (4.0 OZ OR MORE) OR LIQUID GEL, EXCLUDES TRIAL/TRAVEL SIZES. Nothing that says Crest ProHealth ……does the statement on the coupon no longer matter? Only what’s pictured on the coupon now? Very annoyed.

  10. naydee says

    Are you girls talking about the f4l on Mckinley? I had problems there about 2 months ago with the farmer john hot dog Q. The cashier told me that i could only use 1 per transaction per day. She read every single word on all my coupons then didn’t want to take my $2 off q for the tampons because they were only going to be .48!! She called the manager and he agreed with her on the farme john q, but let me use 4 of the tampon q, when on both the wording said limit 1 per purchase! They don’t understand the coupon wording so they do whatever they want. I don’t shop at that location anymore, I just drive the same mileage but to the opposite direction to Rancho Cucamonga.

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