Giveaway: (2) Readers win $50 in Groceries!!


Tonight we are celebrating because the Southern Cali Saver Facebook Page reached an amazing milestone! 10,000 Facebook Fans! While this is not a huge thing–I just feel that this blog would be nothing if it weren’t for all of you. SO to celebrate– I’m giving two lucky SCS readers a $50 gift card to their favorite store.

The Giveaway: (2) Readers will win a $50 grocery gift card to their favorite store! The choices:

  • Vons
  • Albertsons
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Ralphs (or any Kroger family store)
  • Stater Brothers
  • Sprouts/Henry’s
  • Whole Foods

You have a total of 2 entries:

1. Leave a separate comment below letting me know what your favorite grocery store is

2. Leave a separate comment letting me know if you follow via Facebook, Twitter or via Newsletter (you must do one)


Good Luck!

This giveaway ends 10/27 11:59 pm. Winner will be notified via email and will be given 48 hours to respond, if not–winner will forfeit their prize.  This giveaway is self sponsored. Comments on Facebook are not a valid entry.


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  1. Crystal says

    My favorite grocery store has to be stater bros its a place I can go to and walk around for hours, the people that work there are so friendly and know me and my son by name.

  2. Sandra says

    My favorite has to be Target!! <3 thanks Josie for these giveaways you do eventhough I never win I do appreciate it! Good luck to everyone!

  3. Elizarae says

    I love Albertsons! Or Vons :) I’m subscribed to your email newsletter and follow via Facebook!
    Thanks for everything you do, Josie!

  4. michelle says

    I follow you on fb and I get your newsletter. But I love the text messages most of all! My hubby wonders why I get so excited when my phone beeps… Lol!

  5. Crystal says

    I love stater bros. it’s a place I can go to for hours and the people that work there are so friendly they know my name and my son name :)

  6. Sandi says

    I follow you on Facebook, newsletter, twitter, even SMS text updates! Congrats on reaching 10,000 followers on Facebook!

  7. TESIA says

    I follow you on
    AND IM A RALPH’S GIRL ALL THE WAY (with a secret love affair with FOOD4LESS)

  8. Rachel Camarero says

    Facebook and website! Love your site Josie, been following since the early days-500 followers!! 10,000 is amazing!!

  9. Ann Kalani says

    Congrats Josie!! I follow you on Facebook!! You have helped me become a better shopper/saver ;)

  10. bridgette rosas says

    This week I love Ralphs, but typically I love Food 4 Less :D Congrats on hitting 10,000 Josie! We all love you :)

  11. Kassie says

    LOVE YOU SO MUCH! It so nice to not have to figure out these deal all alone every week!! I follow on facebook too!!

  12. Sheri says

    I am now a follower on Facebook. I have been couponing on and off for 22 years ( since I was 18). Your site has given me such great tips for savings that I don’t think I will ever burn out again! Thank you!

  13. Dina Pena says

    I follow you on Facebook and I’m in your coupon group! Love your listings. :)
    Thanks for all your hard work and all you do!

  14. Lora Reynolds says

    I love shopping at Whole Foods but my pocket book does not, so I go to Vons most often.

  15. yulean says

    Like you here like you on face book like your blog :) my favorite store is Target.
    Thank you for all your help.

  16. Julie says

    I now recieve the newsletter. I dont do social media or else I would like and follow you. Although I feel like I already do.

  17. sarah michelle says

    My favorite store of all time is Target! I could seriously spend all day in there LOL

  18. tinkeratwood says

    I LOVE ALL GROCERY STORES!!!!!!!! But if I have to pick one, I’d take Ralphs. Its closest :)

  19. vnava says

    I love love love Winco. I follow via newsletter I don’t have Facebook or Twitter. Thanks josie.

  20. Wendy Cajina says

    Hi Josie,
    I love your site and all the money you have helped me save my family.
    I follow you on Facebook.

  21. Wendy Cajina says

    Hi Josie,
    My favorite store is Albertsons and I am so glad ours here in San Marcos is not closing!

  22. Trinesha says

    I follow you on facebook and the newsletter. I just started couponing 3 months ago thanks to your blog

  23. alicia BRANDT says

    I follow you on Facebook, I am an email subscriber and follow you on twitter (@discountherapy)

  24. Angela Bonham says

    First I wanna say thank u for all hard work. I live in KS but have followed u for about a year on Facebook. I have Safeway instead of Von’s & Dillons instead of Ralph’s but ur matchups are still really helpful. I would love to win. Thank you :)))

  25. Angela Bonham says

    My favorite store is Walmart (only because I don’t have the others right where I live lol). Thanks for everything u do :)))

  26. Shonda says

    Von is my go-to store since everyone stopped doubling coupons (their just4u are good sometimes and they have good produce)

  27. Nicole M. says

    Ralphs is the closest store to me, so I’ll pick that one as a favorite, but I go to many, many stores to “cherry pick” favorite items and good deals. I follow you directly on your blog site and also on Facebook.

  28. Regina says

    My favorite store for couponing is F4L but I really LOVE Fresh and Easy since its practically across the street from my house! Love to sneak in to check out the clearance section!!

  29. SChavez says

    Ralphs is my favorite because it is within walking distance from my house and conveniently located in the same complex as Rite Aid. I guess I have the best of both worlds since you got me addicted to Rite Aid.
    Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations!

  30. SChavez says

    I follow you on Facebook but I also check your site several times a day to make sure I do not miss anything.

  31. J.r says

    I found you a year ago and follow u every week……..well more like everyday :)like everyday……..thank you!Target baby

  32. Maria Ortega says

    I love Winco’s because: A) I have one very close to where I live. B) I love their bulk-section. C) They never give me a problem when I use coupons. :)

  33. Wendy F says

    Dang Gina! CONGRATULATIONS! My fiance and I just moved to San Diego in August. Thanks to your amazing blog we learned about all of the local grocery stores here and our favorite here is Albertsons.

  34. Jenica says

    Fave store is Target – but I live in Santa Barbara, and they ain’t down with the likes of that. So Ralphs… used to be Vons, then Ralphs…

  35. Angelica says

    I follow you on facebook and i also have your web site saved in my bookmarks on my phone and my work computer and my tablet. I also follow the rite aid 101. Love all the post you do.

  36. Eva G. says

    I mostly shop at, both, Vons and Sprouts. But Sprouts is definitely my favorite.
    Thanks for the giveaway! Congrats on the milestone!!

  37. Edward says

    I would have said my favorite is Vons, but this week Ralphs sure shook things up for me. Not sure I could decide between the two at the moment.

  38. Eileen says

    Congrats Josie on another milestone!!!! :) My favorite store is Vons. I have been loving the Just4U program.

  39. katie says

    I follow you on facebook & get your daily emails & texts…thanks for everything you do josie!!!

  40. Valerie says

    I just started following you via Facebook, but have come to your website for awhile now…it makes couponing so easy! :)

  41. melly adams says

    its not one of the choices but because its the closest my favorite grocery store is hannafords. out of the choices though i have to go with walmart. congrats and thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Cindy says

    Hmmm. Ralph’s is my usual but they just opened a Walmart Neighborhood Market near me. Grocery’s only!! So either Ralphs or Walmart.

  43. Kathy R. says

    I have never really been able to afford to shop at Ralphs since being laid off, but now since I have found your website and all the great info, I now shop 80% of the time at Ralphs using my “new couponing” skills. So Thank you very much!!

  44. Mimi B. says

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you. Thank you for all your hard work every day, Josie.
    Our favorite store is Target.

  45. Kmama says

    Favorite grocery stores. Fruits and vegetables at sprouts. Always the best deal in my opinion. For everything else I love target. It’s the only store I go to that I have fun there buying groceries. :)

  46. Heidi Kristall says

    I love shopping at the store with the best deal – I go where you send me! LOL I go to Staters or Winco if left on my own.

  47. Laura G says

    My Favorite store this week would be Ralphs, for the deals. But for things that my Ralphs do not carry, I would have to say Sprouts. I do love get things in bulk, that way I can get just the right amount of what I need for that week.
    But at times I do love me some Vons and Albetersons too! I forgot Target and Walmart, that I will shop at once a week or so. Thanks Josie for the chance to win a big gift card.

  48. Leticia says

    Ill love me some Walmart!!! and more for this Black Friday coming up. =) thanks Josie for all that you have teach me and help my family and others..

  49. sally A says

    What can I say I love all the stores!!! Im a shopper always loved coupons i think since i was like 16, we went shopping with my friends aunt and loved it a little weird i know i was to young.. Well my favorite store would be walmart now for they do have lower prices and they do match ups.

  50. Analese says

    I love Whole Foods for their great selection of organic produce. I go there to gather ingredients for baby food for my lil guy. :)

  51. Mia says

    Gosh Josie, must you twist my arm and make me pick a favorite store? I have a different, favorite store every week! It all depends on your blog. It’s whichever great deals you throw at us for that week :-) BUT, if I have to choose, I’d probably pick CVS for this week!

  52. Darcy says

    If I had one near me, I’m sure Whole Foods or Sprouts would be my favorite, but alas, I don’t. Out of the stores listed, my favorite is Walmart as they carry a few things I like to get that are cheaper than my “regular” grocery store.

  53. Connie says

    I follow you on Facebook and get your newsletter! btw Congrats on having 10k + fans Josie! Wishing you the best! :)

  54. Terri says

    My favorite grocery store is Raley’s, but they are too expensive so I shop at Safeway now. I would love a Target gift card (and keep up the good work)!

  55. Crystle says

    Facebook & Newsletter and texts, love the texts!

    Thank you for all you do to save each and everyone of us tons of money, it allows me to help others which I truly enjoying doing and in these hard times you make that possible.


  56. Jules says

    usually i find grrreat deals at vons, but this week i have to say i LOVE ralphs :) many thanks to you and all your work!!!

  57. Jules says

    i check your blog many many times a day and follow you on facebook.. need to find you on twitter and don’t know about the texts!!!! would LOVE texts with deals :)

  58. Debbi says

    All time favorite: SPROUTS !

    Fresh, Fresh, Fresh AND Great prices on quality such as meats & produce.

    Last year tried their free range Turkey – wonderful ! and they even let you
    reserve it on website or via phone for pickup.

    Service in this day and age – how nice.

    Congrats on your follower stats! Thank you for the drawing.

  59. Debbi says

    I follow you via Newsletter / emails

    Great Information, easy to find just what I need at the moment.

    Thank You !

  60. Elizabeth O says

    My favorite not coupon store is Stater Brothers. I always wanted to be a coupon lady but never new where to get started. That is until I found your site. You make it sooo easy and now I’m hooked! Lately my favorite coupon store is Ralphs.

  61. Elizabeth O says

    I follow you on Facebook. Whenever friends ask how to coupon I send them your way. Here’s to 20,000! I know you’ll do it!

  62. Ana Mtz says

    My favorite would have to be Target.

    They can have pretty awesome unadvertised deals on groceries so it’s fun to go and check it out :)

  63. Cherise says

    Vons is my favorite grocery store because everyone knows my family there and they still double coupons to $1.00!

  64. Brittany says

    I’ve never won anything but maybe today’s my lucky day! Vons is my favorite! Love u Josie!

  65. Kassy Ortega says

    I love Henry’s and Sprouts for all my produce, but everything else comes from couponing at Albertsons! <3

  66. Kassy Ortega says

    I follow you through good ‘ol fashioned email newsletter. I look forward to your digest! I also follow you on Facebook! :D

  67. Wendy says

    I’m going with Target on this one… I buy the majority of my groceries there. Good luck everyone! :-)

  68. Lynn Brown says

    Vons isn’t my favorite store, but it is the only store in my small town. :) Thank goodness for Just4U and Southern Cali Saver!

  69. Brenda ET says

    ;) I like you on Facebook; also have your website bookmarked and check it daily, sometimes several times a day for additional posts. My favorite local stores to shop at are Stater Bros. and Albertsons.

  70. Amy H. says

    Even though I don’t do much couponing there, my favorite store is probably Sprouts, because they have the best prices on produce (something we don’t get to coupon with too often).

  71. Amy H. says

    I am a facebook follower! Congratulations on 10,000 Josie, you deserve it….and that is a “huge thing”. Don’t minimize it. You are awesome.

  72. Jazzymommyhands says

    My favorite grocery store is Vons. They’re expensive usually, but if you play the sales right you can get some good deals. :)

  73. Kelly A. says

    Hi Josie! My favorite store is Target. I would love to get a $50 GC. Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Cassie says

    While I love Henry’s, my pocketbook loves Walmart. Although, I’m liking Vons lately for their Just 4 U program :)

  75. newbie says

    I <3 Food4Less, and I've always followed on this…but not sure if this is the newletter or blog…

  76. Natasha says

    Well my favorite grocery store is Winco but from this list since Winco isnt on it would be Staters. :)

  77. Patricia says

    Congrats!! on reaching 10,000

    My favorite store is Target :) and I have been following you on Facebook.

  78. Jannet L. says

    I love Von’s, but, Target for groceries is a much closer location for us. I would choose Target!! Thank you so much for this very generous giveaway! :-)

  79. Jenni says

    Save Mart is my favorite grocery store but the closest one is an hour away, so I settle for Safeway

  80. Tracey Beal says

    I just recently moved to SoCal and was excited to find you…thank you for all you do in helping us, your fans!

  81. antoinette says

    my favorite store is who ever has the best deals for the week :) but usually vons, target, stater bros.

    congrats on 10K fans!

    • Meagan Glauser says

      Sorry for those extras…the computer kept telling me I couldn’t post…guess it decided to do it anyways

  82. Lisa Inversin says

    TARGET!!! im 32 weeks pregnant with twins, this would totally come in handy with diapers and such :D

  83. Lisa Inversin says

    and i follow you on facebook along with checking your blog out first thing in the morning with my cereal :D

  84. Faith says

    Ralphs. I never shopped here in the past because it was so expensive, but I started to notice all the great deals Josie was posting so I started shopping here about a month ago. Now my favorite store