My Rite Aid Trip(s) — TONS of +Up rewards!

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I just want to get this out first–I dislike rolling my +Up rewards on a daily basis. We moved last month and I no longer live as close to Rite Aid as I used to, so it isn’t easy for me to go everyday. The fact that Rite Aid will no longer allow you to use your +Up rewards the same day… is a pain in my rear.

Here are my trips, which were done over three days. My first transaction wasn’t cheap but I got plenty of +up rewards back!

Transaction #1
Bought (2) Nonsense Socks $3.19 + $4.39 (I did by slipper socks and they did produce a +Up reward)
Bought (2) Purex Fabric Softener $4.55
Bought Blistex Moisture Melt $2.23
Bought (1) Children’s Robitussin $5.19
Bought (2) Finesse $3
Bought (2) Summer’s Eve $2.50 ea
Bought Rite Aid Paper Towels $6.99
Used $2/2 Summer’s Eve printable coupon
Used (2) $1/1 finesse Rite Aid coupons from Junta Hispana coupon book
Used $3/1 Robitussin coupon
Used $3/1 Robitussin Rite Aid in-ad coupon (adjusted down)
Used $4 +Up reward
Paid: $28.00 + tax

Got Back (2) $4 +Up for Nonsense, (2) $4 +Up for Purex, $4 +Up for Finesse, $4 + for paper towels, $2.50 +Up for Blistex, $3 +Up for Summer’s Eve
= $29.50

Transaction #2
Bought (5) L’Oreal Ever Products $5.59 ea
Bought Robitussin $5.59
Used (4) $2/1 L’oreal Ever coupons
Used (1) $1/1 L’Oreal Ever coupon
Used $3/1 Rob coupon
and Used $3 Robitussin in-ad coupon (adjusted down)
and Used $18 in +Up rewards
Paid tax + $0.95

Got Back (2) $10 +Up rewards for L’Oreal

Transaction #3
Bought (2) Revlon Foundations $13.99 and $6.99
Used (2) $5/1 Revlon coupons
and Used $10 in +Up rewards
Paid tax

Got Back $6 +Up for Revlon

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  1. michelle says

    I agree… Making several trips a week is a bit annoying! But rite aid has some good deals right now! I did the cheer deal, blistex, robitussin, and no nonsense socks. The slipper socks did NOT produce the ups even though it had the tag :( I’m in del mar. Paid tax only after coupons and previous ups. Got back$13.50 in ups! Thanks Josie!

  2. Crystal says

    I have a question with the loreal deal how do you get (2) 10 up rewards? at my rite aid it says 1 10 up if you spent 25 is that wrong?
    Bought (5) L’Oreal Ever Products $5.59 ea
    Bought Robitussin $5.59
    Used (4) $2/1 L’oreal Ever coupons
    Used (1) $1/1 L’Oreal Ever coupon
    Used $3/1 Rob coupon
    and Used $3 Robitussin in-ad coupon (adjusted down)
    and Used $18 in +Up rewards
    Paid tax + $0.95

    Got Back (2) $10 +Up rewards for L’Oreal

      • Alyssa says

        Hey Josie, Alyssa here. I couldn’t help but notice you ignored by Robitussin remark. I just find it kind of appalling that you would intentionally bypass the wording on the in ad coupons.

        • Sara says

          That’s a ymmv, I asked that in my store before and the manager said it was ok to use more than one in a coupon, that was kind of rude of you.

        • dealgirl says

          What I find appalling is that you find it necessary to come here and call someone out on their blog. Josie does her best to come up with deals on her blog for us daily, all while doing it ethically. Get a life, Alyssa!

        • Stephanie says

          She did the deal on two separate transactions. Many coupons are starting to come up with the limit of 1 per customer. I don’t see anything wrong with going back on a different day and using another coupon. Technically if I have my husband with me and we use two coupons we are still satisfying the limit of 1 per customer.

        • Eileen says

          I have followed Josie’s blog for a while and she is definitely one of the most ethical couponer that I know. I remember one time she accidentally used a coupon (I believed the limit was one, but she used two) and she devoted a page and apologized to her followers that she misused a coupon. I found that to be admirable because I’m sure any of us at one point might have done that by mistake. She also always cautions us to not clear shelves and only buy what we need and leave some for others. I cannot speak highly enough about her and if you have spent enough time here reading her blogs, you will realize that too.

  3. jc says

    Yes totally agree it takes me about 3 days when there are good deals cause I want to keep my out of pocket down plus if next week is a slow week I don’t want tons of ups to spend

  4. Stephanie says

    I really hate having to go back to use my UP Rewards too! Today I only bought the Cheer and 2 Riteaid towels (there was exactly 4 Cheer left and 2 Riteaid towels)! But there was plenty of Purex and socks left, so will have to go back tommorow even though it is such a pain!! I just don’t like having a huge OOP, so separate days it is!

  5. says

    What in the wrld is goin on . Im sure alyssa came to this site for help and if she pays attention she would already know that josie plays by the book. Plus everyone knows if u build a respectable relationship up w ur cashiers n managers theyr willing to not to nitpik . 1 thing to help some1 if they missed something, totally diff thing to stand there and point your finger n say look every1 look what she did. WE ALL LOVE JOSIE .TACTLESS!!!

  6. Amber says

    I don’t have time to go back every day so my trip tonight cost me $60!! Ouch! Highest oop I’ve ever paid at Rite Aid. I have $42 in ups plus paper towels, cheer, TIGI products, socks, pro nutrients etc. I’m afraid I won’t have enough stuff to buy to use all the rewards next week :(.

    • Mariel says

      I feel the same way, Amber! I work like a dog so I can’t go everyday. Rite Aid has had such great deals these past few weeks that I can’t resist. I’m sure I can find things to buy if there aren’t awesome deals next week. I figure that I can splurge on a new curling iron or ice cream. :)

  7. glo says

    I went this morning to rite aid around 11am only one cheer left and no towels.. nothing :( i live in an area where apparently eveyone coupons!!! :( i have better luck going friday morning.. now im afraid that when it switches to sundays im not gonna be able to get the deals.. : (

  8. Amber says

    Nice work! You made it look like you had fun doing those deals..even though you had to go back the next day to use the rewards :)

  9. Ro in San Diego says

    I did the deal last week and am not brave enough to try it again last week since this stuff is for a donation and I think $60 worth of products is enough.

    I was so happy with the L’Oreal deal and the great heads up you gave us on the expiring Revlon coupons. I bought all the L’Oreal for donation and ended up buying the Revlon makeup I desperately needed for zero OOP after Plus Ups.

    I would remind people they have the ability to opt out to get their Plus Ups to print out. I too hate having to use my plus ups the next day. My nearby Rite Aid closed and the nearest one is 5 miles from my house but sort of on my way home from work.

    • K says

      Yes – the Ups now show a good through date (ie. if you got them on 10/15/12 it will show good 10/16/12 – 10/29/12) I didn’t notice this when they first changed and tried to roll them and it gave the cashier an “invalid” error.

  10. Yolanda says

    Question: I wonder if anyone else bought two slipper socks in one transaction? If maybe that is why the +ups printed for you? Did anyone do this?

    • K says

      I bought 2 slipper socks in 1 transaction yesterday and no Ups printed. The manager at my store gave me a gift card with the Ups since the tag for the slipper socks showed it would give an Up. If you have a camera phone, take a picture of the tag because the slipper socks are tagged (also verify the UPC code on the socks matches the tag.)

  11. cosette says

    I have tried this slipper socks deal in two sepreate parts of San Diego and it is NOT printing. It doesnt matter if u buy one or two in a transaction…..a little frustrating but the Cheer deal made up for that little mishap anyway my friend says its actually kind of good when they have to send u the plus ups in the mail cuz they are valid for like 3 months….so unlike me if u have the patience just call corporate and have them send them to u in the mail. I think what the problem is is the ad and the tag on the socks indicates it has to be 2-4 pair. And on another Note: Josie! oh gosh ignore rude people who have nothing better to do with themselves then criticize others lol. Remember Haters make U famous lol and by far you have the best blog out their!!! (im partial cuz I live in San Diego too hehehe)

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