Smart and Final: $1.99 Fiora Toilet Paper ($0.16 per roll)

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If you are close to Smart and Final and need a TP deal–grab the Fiora Toilet Paper 12 pack for only $1.99 this week!

I personally have never bought this brand but many of you have said the quality is nice. I think $1.99 is a great price regardless and ends up at $0.16 per roll–which is an excellent price!

Fiora Toilet Paper 12 pk $2.99
Use $1/1 Paseo or Fiora Large Pack Bath Tissue or Towel, exp. 12/31/12 (RP 09/30/12 R)
or Use $0.50/1 Fiora Bath Tissue or Paper Towel printable
= as low as $1.99

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    • Karen says

      The North County Times has Red Plum, but it may not be in El Cajon???? For sure the LA Times does, that is the best paper. There are good deals on getting the Sunday paper delivered too. Not sure where right now though…good luck>

      • Karen says

        Only certain areas get the Red Plum on Tuesdays in San Diego. We do not, we get the SS in our driveway on Saturdays, every now and then!!!

  1. Connie says

    They also have a big 5lbs bag of ReadyPac shredded lettuce for $3.99 which is like .80cent a pound. and if you love juicing they have a bag of 25lbs of carrots for like $4.99. that’s a great price, maybe split it with a friend or neighbor or slice & freeze/pickle them.

  2. Lynda says

    Also the store is having a buy 5 save $3 instantly promo, which includes aunt Jemima pancake mix, syrup, or Quaker oatmeal for $1.99 ea. I bought 4 boxes of Quaker oatmeal (Variety pack) and 1 pancake mix. Used (2) $1/2 Quaker cp from Pepsi moments = $1.49 per box. I know these will be cheaper at Albertsons but it’s also a good price if you want to avoid spending the $10 min. purchase.

      • Jodie says

        Anything has got to be better than Scott. I bought a whole closet full on a great sale and cannot get anyone in my house to use it. I was thinking of taking it to a shelter but am embarrassed they wouldn’t except it. I am so excited for this deal. I wish I had more than 2 coupons.

          • Meryl says

            oh bummer!!! Was hoping to grab a few- not sure if their sales are from Wed-Tues or Sun-Sat?

            Jodie, I’ll take your Scott- I prefer it actually! It was a GREAT deal and we are down to our last pack!

        • Lynda says

          Jodie you are too funny! I don’t think Scott’s that bad. LOL…I’m sure any shelter will be more than happy to accept your donation.

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