Southern California Albertsons Stores Closing

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As many of you have heard– there are several Albertsons stores closing in So Cal. Stores that are closing will be shut down by Dec 1st or sooner.

It has been publicly announced that SuperValu is having financial trouble, so this comes to no surprise to me. It saddens me to see several of you lose your local stores–some of you have expressed that some of the stores closing are your only close store… Which means you lose the only store that doubles coupons in Southern California :(  The following stores will be closed on or before Dec 1st 2012:


I love Albertsons and to be completely honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if they closed even more stores. Their prices are pretty high and they offer very little incentive to shop in their stores. Double the Value coupons are a great thing but they only appeal to certain shoppers (coupon shoppers) and the plain Joe who doesn’t want to mess with coupons has many more options that are cheaper.

Southern California is the most competitive when it comes to the grocery industry. With so many options–you need an edge and Albertsons seems to be lacking.

How do you feel about the closures?


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    • Angela says

      Yeah. I didn’t get a regular add this week just one saying that the store is closing. The have 10%-90% off and closing by October 31st or sooner in Moreno Valley. It’s really dark and empty in that store. I don’t even feel like going there because there clearance stuff was still super expensive.

      • ReRe says

        One of the Albertson’s near me is closing (but I’ll still have three others within 4 miles). I went in this morning and the ethnic food sections were marked down 90% already. I was able to pick up really cheap rice ($1.20 for a 10lb bag) cheap soy sauce (the extra large kikoman for .90) and other stir fry ingredients. Everything else was 10-25% off right now, so I didn’t get much since Albertson’s prices are so high to begin with it wasn’t any sort of deal. I did talk with someone who said they would be marking things down weekly until they close.

  1. Lynda says

    I am so sad, My Albertson’s is a 5 minutes drive from my home. The next closest one is about a 30 minute drive across town. They also took away my Von’s that was about a block away from Albies.

  2. KBunny says

    I am not surprised. I live a little farther north (SLO County) and I while I haven’t heard of any closures, I am very aware of their higher prices. We are vegetarian and regular grocery stores are cheaper than the natural food stores, but even so I’m not going to buy tofu at Albie’s for $1.79 when I can get it at Vons for $1! That’s why I’ve only shopped at Albie’s twice in the last year. We just saw a Scholari’s close in the next town over (5 minute drive), and less than a year later, the Spencer’s Market closed a couple of blocks away and a Smart & Final is moving in.

  3. Mike says

    Well, 3 out of 4 close to me are closing. The one left though has the rudest people. I can’t even get a point across with them, even with policy in-hand. Would always end with the dreaded “I’ll do it this one time” statement like they are doing me a special favor……

  4. Nat says

    Im definitely bummed! If you asked me a year ago, I wouldn’t have cared either way and wouldn’t have been surprised in the least. My Albertsons (Northridge) is dated, run down and has a strong fish odor (not just by the fish department) but throughout the store… I couldn’t stand walking in there, so I never shopped there, but since couponing, I just toughed it out, took a deep breath, overlooked the smell and shopped there because of the doublers and great deals. Its also super close to me and there isn’t another around. I guess it might be worth a peek to see if they have any deep discounts coming up.

    • Silvia G. says

      Not a stupid question. I was thinking the same thing. I’m going tonight to the one in Norco, I’ll see if they do.

      • Hawthorne Mom says

        when the one in culver city closed down, they let me use manufacturer coupons but not store coupons. not even OYN purchase catalinas.

  5. Tina says

    Yes, this is sad. But like you said there is not many reasons for the average Joe to shop there with those high prices. Being a buyer I believe Albertsons needs to learn how to coupon. In other words learn to make the couponers come to them. Even if we are getting big savigs does not mean that they have to lose money. There are ways for big chains to make money with volume rebate(meaning more & bigger sales to move product). Hope they figure that out before they have to close more stores.

  6. meagan says

    For the Moreno Valley, Ontario and Riverside store has anyone been? I have gone to a Albertson’s store closing in Indio and found amazing deals. I went the last week they were closing and don’t want to make the drive all the way out there if it is not worth it. Also I am sure we can use coupons

  7. MeleP says

    My sis and I went to the limonite and clay location at 9am this morning. More people than I had ever seen at albies. No carts available but I did find awesome deals on their ethnic foods. Asian, Indian and Jewish foods 90% off! Its worth the time to drop in if you’re in the area since they said percentage off will drop regularly. Most of the store was still 10%-25% off but the items that were 50% were still pretty high, even with a coupon.

    • taoyen says

      I went there after work yesterday, by the time I got there, all the asian isle was pretty much wiped clean except for the instant soup packets. I ended up buying some because we love those stuff! I hope they taste good, they were super cheap like 25c each.

  8. Silvia G. says

    I just got back from Albies in Norco and all the Asian stuff was gone. I did find great deals, all beauty stuff was 50% off. I got a bunch of cover girl make up, used $3.00/2

  9. sophia says

    i went to 3 different albertsons today and idk why they decided to price asian ethnic foods at 90% off on the 1st day but it was wiped out clean by 9 am according to the employee. bummer. i found some asian and indian madras lentil pack leftover that i picked u for 40 cents each. i am hoping the other items will go down next week. but i guess people don’t coupon much cuz these “regular shoppers” were going crazy at the 10-25% discounts…. i will sit out and wait for furthur markdowns. haha

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