Vlog: My Coupon Organization

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This is me pretending like I know how to be organized! 😉 Check out how I organize my coupons and inserts!

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  1. Julie says

    I always wondered how you knew which insert the coupons came from. Thanks for the useful tips. Nice treat for today ;0)

    • Gaby says

      There are plenty of coupon databases online including Josie’s where you can search for the name of the product and it will show you where you can find the coupons.

  2. Irene says

    OMG…you look so cute and kind. Thanks for sharing your tips with us. I look forward to other helpful tips from your readers.

  3. Elisa says

    Thanks for sharing. I just started couponing about a month ago. I live in San Diego and have found your posts to be so helpful. I’m using a binder but like you said it’s hard when you’re shopping with kids because it’s bulky. I’m off to look for a caboodle. Thanks again!

  4. bakerlovetare says

    i used to do to the envelopes (used usps mailers for my inserts too lol). after a while the boyfriend was not a fan, and he got me a binder. but i love the coupadoodle!

  5. cozycoupon says

    Hey Josie, thanks so much, I really enjoy your blog, I read it daily! I’ve been couponing for a year and a half now , I just love it! The way I like to file my coupons are I cut all the coupons out, pull out only what I know I will use, the rest of the coupons go in a envelope dated with that weeks date, and from what paper they came from. I find this works for me. When I read your blog about an item and you give a date, I go to that date, and pull that coupon. Thank you for all, that you do for others! :))

  6. soupogoil says

    Thanks for posting this, as you said I’m a newbie, and I was just trying to figure out how to organize my coupons. Colored envelopes, hmmm…………i organize lots of things with envelopes, this is perfect.


  7. Tami Tompkins says

    Hello, I found your site recently and I love it. My family lives in CA. I have been couponing for several years now. I do have my stock pile. I still use the binder method. I have two, one for grocery’s and one for non grocery items. I printed out the catogories from the krazy coupon lady web site. I bought my binders from staples. I had bought the largest two I could find. They have 8 1/2 x 11 file folders in the front. I put in those any sale papers, coupon policies, and coupon match ups for each store that I go to. I do cut out all of my coupons and file them in the right catogories. I also do a lot printing out coupons. At WalMart where the baseball card plastic sleeves are, they also have now plastic sleeves for people who coupon. I love them. They come in four different sizes. I will be in CA visiting my family next week, I am hoping I can hold a couponing class for my dad’s church ladies and family while I am there. I will be telling them about your site. Thank you and have a great day.

  8. Katie says

    Hi Josie! When I first started couponing with your site, I found the best way to organize was to clip what I would use, and then file them in my file cabinet. I had a file for every month of the year, and if the insert came from february, it would go inthe february file. I used a small couponing file that would fit in my purse, which eventually had to become two separate (food v non-food) files, and those would go everywhere with me. Transactions would go in a “transaction section”, so that I knew all of my shopping for the week was paper clipped and ready to go. I found that this worked best for me for the first 9 months, and also had almost no OOP cost for me. I ended up switching to a binder method, which I have found is amazing for me as far as unadvertised deals and clearance finds, but I do not recommend this for any of my friends who are just starting couponing. I switched when I found a great sale at staples, which when combined with rewards resulted in free dividers and folders-but my cost would have been almost $100 with all of the dividers involved. I really love the binder now (“the baby”), and I feel that this works best for me, but I also feel that for someone new to couponing, that a binder is definitely not the easiest way to start. Thanks so much for your posts!!!

    • Katie says

      Oh, and I also have reused the small coupon dividers from my purse and relabeled them to store names, with all of my transactions and coupons that I am going to use for the week available in my purse (this also helps for quick trips when I do not plan to bring my binder in with me).

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