Canon Rebel T3i Bundle $606 (Camera, Two Lenses, Bag and Memory Card)


Okay! Here is a great deal on the Canon EOS Rebel T3i bundle ! It requires a couple of steps but should result in the camera, 2 lenses, bag and memory card for $606.

The only problem is that  the extra lens is backordered. You can ordered it now and they will deliver it when it becomes available.

If you have problems with the $15o coming off your order make sure the lenses seller is by and not a third party seller.

Thanks, Givemeneither!


  1. jessica says

    OMG! I love you for putting this up! I just bought this camera at Best Buy for $650 (camera and kit lens only). I’m going to try to price match and worse case scenario I return it and get this deal from Amazon. THANKS!

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