Food 4 Less Coupon Match-Ups 11/14-11/22

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Here are the best deals I see this week!

I have listed all the BEST deals I see for this week. 





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        • pam says

          guess what?!? the $2 off $5 deli e-coupon that you load to your ralphs card applies to the Hawaiian rolls!!! it was a nice surprise for me:) they must be coded as “deli”. I was stocking up cuz my kid loves them(and hubby, too!) and the $2 e-q came off! best/cheapest amount to buy would be 4 packs at $2 each=$8, use 2-$1/2 manu q’s RP 11/11 or printable from redplum site=$6-$2e-q=$4=$1 per pack!!! rad.

  1. Pam says

    I got “busted” last night for using more than 4 q’s from the same manufacturer in one shopping trip. I had misunderstood the rule to be no more than 4 of the same q’s and I had 4 of each q. I think that is a really stupid rule. what about megaevents? I am not going to buy 10 items if I am only allowed to use coupons on 4 of them! what is the difference anyway? the store will get reimbursed for more than 4 providing the rules of the coupon do not restrict you to 4 per shopping trip. I think this is a punishment to couponers. If I’m shopping, I want to get it all done in one trip, not have to go back day after day in order to use all my coupons. this is a ridiculous rule, I don’t see the reasoning behind it, it discourages shoppers and makes us couponers work even HARDER to save a few bucks. I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter, too.

    • MeleP says

      I guess it may differ from store to store. The two f4l that I use says limit 4 identical coupons per trans. I haven’t ran into them saying per manufacturer. If that’s the case id just go to another f4l.

      • pamela says

        what you said made me think to double check my f4L and ralphs coupon policies and neither of them said anything about daily limits by manufacturer. In fact, they didn’t say anything about limits on like coupons either, so you may want to check with your store’s manager on that. I called my f4L and talked to a manager, she said the cashiers were incorrect and she would talk to them. I think they were thinking of the “4 like coupons per shopping trip” wording on P&G q’s and getting totally mixed up. I was buying unilever products.

      • pamela says

        5975 University Ave, San Diego, but hopefully they will be straightened out after I talked to a manager about what happened.

          • pam says

            no prob! I’m doing everything I can to make it as easy as possible to coupon in my area. When I encounter stores that are not abiding by their coupon policy, I do not hesitate to call the higher ups and complain nicely so they will fix the problem. Mostly, it’s a matter of the employees not getting enough training on coupons.

  2. amanda a says

    20pk. Of coke products are $3.98 wyb 2. There is a e-coupon you can load on your Ralph’s card for $1/1 20pk. diet coke making it $2.98!

  3. Michelle says

    The Xtra-Pine antibacterial is 20% off (priced to clear @1.02), and most of them have .25 off Q attached making them only .77! This is great for the sicky season we are about to enter!

  4. jo says

    food4 lss has in-store ad nov “SALuda” with coupons on the back. :)

    they do have food 4lss logo mfc ex 1/31/13
    not GREAt but n never know “poss double or mega

    $1/4 progresso soup
    $1/2 betty crocker fruit snacks
    $1/3 Gmills selected var
    $1/3 betty crocker cake mix,cookies frosting
    $1/3 totinos
    $1/2 yoplait go-gurt

    just sharing jo

  5. pam says

    there is a new $1 off beech-nut fruities q(the squeezy pouches). they are $1 each at food4less, it’s a green tag sale and I think those go for 2 weeks, just not sure when this beech-nut sale started.

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