Fresh & Easy: Capri Sun $1 per box


You may or may not find this deal at your Local Fresh & Easy–Reader Tia let me know that she spotted Capri Sun Boxes (4pk) on sale for $4–only $1 per box is great considering they run about $2 per box on sale!

Fresh & Easy does not take manufacturer coupons, so this is the lowest you can get it at the store. A great deal if you need them though!

Thanks, Tia and Ericka for the photo! 


  1. Brandon says

    They have coupons in their ad, like $3 off orders of $25, so that could help a little bit if you were planning on buying $25 worth of stuff.

  2. vnava says

    Winco has the 100% juice Capris and koolaid for 1.88 I know there was a printable not sure if it expired yet since I already used them. They also have mama Bella for 1.98 we have qs for .50 so 1.48 acts qs. Cool whip is .96 there was a printable. Butterball turkey is .76 a lb wyb $30 purchase. Stove top stuffing is .88. Betty crocker cookie mix is 1.88 and we have .40 qs so 1.48.

  3. MARIA says

    I Live in San Jacinto and they didnt have these there. Such a bummer, my sons birthday party is next weekend and would have loved to get these that cheap. Looks like I have to stick with Staters.

  4. marlene says

    our school actually collects these and box tops and they get money for each caprisun so whenever i see some at parties i collect them and take them to school

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