Smart and Final: Buy (2) First Street Baking items, Get FREE $13 Movie Money Certificate


There is a great promotion going on at Smart and Final through 12/4. Buy ANY 2 participating First Street Baking Items, Get a $13 Movie Money Certificate.

I found the First Street Powdered or Light Brown Sugar for only $1.99 in the ad– so pay $3.98 for two and redeem for a FREE $13 Movie money certificate. !!

The offer states that it is to see Parental Guidance, but usually it is good off of any movie. (Don’t take my word for it though :) )

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  1. Karen says

    Just returned from S&F and have more info on this deal. First, also included are regular size or mini marshmallows for $1.29 for a 16 oz bag and also baking soda for $.99

    I was a little confused as to what the reward was…you get a code on your receipt that you then enter on a website and I believe they will email you a voucher. It is to see a specific movie called Parental Guidance (have never heard of it lol). I wasn’t reading very closely and assumed it was regular movie cash but only good for a PG movie. Duh. That really wouldn’t make sense, would it? I went through twice and bought 4 items and am going to try to enter one from my husband’s computer to get 2 vouchers. Oh well…might keep the kids busy for an afternoon over Christmas break :-)

    • JustD says

      Thanks for the heads up on the baking soda and marshmallows! I was wondering if there were going to be any other items that were less expensive than $1.99. (Sheez, you tell I coupon when $1.99 for sugar is expensive! LOL!)

      Also, I read it as one per person (18+ years old) not per household. So hopefully entering one for me and one for hubby will not be an issue.

  2. says

    Other participating items:
    First Street Graham Cracker Pie Crust: $1.49
    First Street Corn Starch $1.05
    First Street Baking Soda 99¢
    First Street Evaporated Milk 95¢
    First Street Condensed Milk $1.19
    First Street Chocolate Chips $2.59
    First Street Flaked Coconut $2.29

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