Vons: Cheap McCormick!

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Just a reminder that this weeks Vons ad includes a $2 off McCormick Vons coupon (limit 2) It is also available in your Just4U account  and many spices are on sale B2G1 Free!

{Deal Idea}
Buy (3) Crushed Red Pepper $3.49
Use $2 off McCormick Coupon (-$4)
= $0.99 ea


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  1. Deborah says

    In my vons newspaper I noticed they changed the $2 off coupon to read McCormick Goumet Spices or A-Z which is different then the coupon that they had out a couple fo weeks ago.

  2. Amy H. says

    The last time we had this coupon, it was a MM for me, because it took off $2 for the paper q and $2 for the J4U q, so I got $4 off each spice! Thought I’d throw it out there for those who have it in the J4U account, and want to try it out with the paper q this time.

  3. Nanette says

    I went yesterday and I grabbed 2 ground cinnamon priced $6.98 BOGO. Noticed on my receipt it said: 2 qty cinnamon, reg price $6.98 J4U store ecoupon -$6.98. I got both for free :)

    • Amy H. says

      Got the cinnamon too, but it wasn’t free, as it was for you. Boo! ;o) Did get $4 off each spice though, as it took off $2 for the in ad and $2 for the J4U like last time(see my comment above). Not sure what it keeps doing that, but it makes for really cheap spices…about $1.40 for 3 spices.

  4. Cassie says

    I found the parsley flakes for b2g1 @ $1.79 ea. I loaded the $2 J4U coupon (limit 2), and the register took off $3.58, making three free.

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