Vons Coupon Match-Ups 11/14-11/22

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Here are the best deals I see this week at Vons. Make sure to check out the Safeway coupon policy . Remember: Most Vons stores will double one “like” coupon in a transaction!

Don’t forget to check out the NEW Just4U program at Vons!


indicate my favorite deals!


The following match ups are available through 11/22



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  1. Kelly says

    Yesterday I got green giant vegies at Winco for 48cents wasn’t sure if that was a stock up price. Do they normally go lower??

    • AnnMarie says

      Kelly, not sure if your interested in another brand of veggies but at food for less libbys is .25 each after coupon

  2. Kristin says

    In the coupon center there are two coupons for Wishbone salad dressing. (1) $1/1 and (1) $.50/1, making them .50-free!

  3. BarstowMom says

    Pom Wonderful Juice has an in ad coupon for $1.49 and there’s a $1 off coupon making it only $0.49http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?bt=vi&tqnm=xgenexp1062504&o=103623&c=CX&p=Y3y4OQEa

  4. crlzmmr says

    I don’t know if Josie’s already mentioned this
    but Vons’ J4U personalize price for Totino’s – Party Pizza is $0.96
    and there is a one-time-use $1.00 off J4U e-coupon when you buy five pizzas
    and the boxes have the $5.00 cash rebate notice.

  5. Callie says

    Has anyone noticed the price of gallons of milk creeping upward? It’s a constant 15-25 cents per week. Used to be cheaper to get milk at Vons, now I’m doing my 4 gallons at Costco again.

    • MollyM says

      I’ve noticed it too! I’ve been buying at Smart and Final and using the coupons from the Real California Milk website. It makes it just a bit cheaper than Costco.

  6. Amy H. says

    Hey so in my J4U I have a $3 off q when you buy a Star product and a brownie mix (random, right?!) but I also have a personalized price for Star olive oil for $4.89, and the BC Brownie (and cake mix) for .89 cents, so not counting any other coupons, just $3 for olive oil and brownie mix or less than $2 if you have the $1 off printable for Star olive oil. Awesome! Do other people have this too?

  7. pam says

    the pom juice deal gets better if you have a 20% off produce just4u personalized deal q. it takes of the $1.49 price of the juice(cuz it’s in the produce section). I paid 97cents for 4 poms after store q’s, manu q’s, and 20% just4u. the store q limit is 4, if you do another transaction to get 4 more with another store q from the flyer, your 20% will apply again, it is not a one-time use q.

  8. Stephanie says

    I went to my local Vons today and I was buying 4 boxes of Poptarts using the coupons from the Kelloggs family rewards (limit 4 per transaction). The lady checking me out told me I was only allowed to use 2 identical coupons. I asked her when that had changed because I was sure I have used more than 2 of the same coupons before. So I ended up only get 2 Poptarts today. I looked up VONS coupon policy and I don’t see anything about a limit of 2 identical coupons. Does Vons limit you to only two “identical” coupons? Where is it in the policy?

    • Tanya Willey says

      It depends on location, my regular Vons (Escondido) is great, but the one down the street that I happened to pop into one day gave me that line… :(

    • QponMom says

      I went to the Redland’s Vons and was told something similar. I was buying 4 Pom Juices with 2 Internet Coupons and 2 Hangtags (which were around the neck of the bottle) and the manager stated that I was only allowed to use 2 identical coupons. I told her that I had 4 total Pom coupons, but 2 were internet printables and 2 were hangtags so I was abiding by their policy. She said she could only take 2, so I gave her the 2 that were expiring the soonest. It is difficult when you plan your shopping trip and the store informs you that there are changes to their policy while you are checking out. :(

  9. SLNY says

    Just ran to Vons and noticed I had a just 4 u price of .99 for Wish Bone salad dressing and a $1 coupon on the card, so free salad dressing. Heads up in case anyone needs some for tomorrow.

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