Fresh & Easy: Smithfield Half Ham $0.49 lb


Currently, you can grab Smithfield Half Ham for only $0.49 lb at Fresh & Easy. This was sent via email so you may not see it on the ad. This is a great price and they could run out. I suggest you head over sooner than later if you want to pick one up!

There is not an end date listed.

Thanks, Cynthia

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  1. Laurissa says

    Do you have to have a coupon? I jut bought one yesterday for .86 and used a $10 off $50. Do u know if everyone gets the email? I got an email with coupons but there was not one for that included.

  2. Katie says

    I just got 2 hams each at 60% off this was great deal. i did not need the coupon or the minimum purchase of $30. i put both in the freezer to save for latter! great deal thank you for the heads up since i am not a Fresh and Easy shopper and do not get their emails!

  3. LMc says

    Were the Hams marked with the sale price or did it come off at the register?

    Im so mad at myself! I went yesterday and looked at the hams, but they were all bigger than I wanted and the prices were $15-$17, so I didnt get one. It dawned on me after I left that I didnt check to tag to see if it reflected the $0.49/lb price! Ugh!

    • LMc says

      Im going to answer my own question! :-) Went back and the hams ARE marked with the regular price, but ring up with the sale price. Got a 12lb+ ham for $6.26!! Very happy!
      Oh, and no minimum purchase needed – that was the only thing I bought.

  4. Becky says

    I went today thinking they would be out. Got 2 hams for really cheap, I have to I spend every thing I save on my doggies :(

  5. Jackie says

    I bought 2 hams also but was required to spend 30.00 or more it is printed on store ad so those of you that didnt hv to buy 30.00 in grocerys really got the deal :-)

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