HOT: FREE $10 to Crabtree and Evelyn + FREE Shipping! (5 FREE Hand Creams)

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 UPDATE: If the code is not working on the lotions, I suggest you try something else. I personally did not try the lotions, it was just a sale that popped out at me. The hand soap worked perfect.

Hurry over to Crabtree and Evelyn for a FREE $10 when you use code Holiday94 at check out! I found a couple of deals but the one that stuck out is the Hand remedies (go to sale) they are 5 for $10–so FREE after code.

There is also the soaps which are $10–so free! You will need to pay tax, which was $0.68 for me.

Note: You may need to hit “Enter” after you type in the code.

Thanks, Debbie

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  1. Frugal Kitti says

    I just did it and it worked. The website is slow so just let it do it’s thing. I got 2 nail polishes.
    Subtotal $10.00
    Shipping Free Shipping
    Discount -$10.00
    Total $0.00

    • Alana says

      I am trying to get it to work on the nail polishes too, but it isn’t working! How did you get the discount to show up????

  2. lorrie says

    When does the promo code show it has been subtracted? I am on step 4 and it still shows I owe $10 + tax. thanks!

  3. says

    Just got off the phone (was on hold FOREVER!).. she said that code doesn’t work on sale items and all those orders will be cancelled.. take it for what you will but I couldn’t get it to go through (been trying for an hour online). It would show up and then go away at the end.. at one point it said my total was $35.. lol geesh. Good luck to everyone who’s orders went through.

    • Alana says

      Thanks for the update! The only thing I could find that I would want is the sale nail polish. So if it isn’t going to work on that I am not going to waste any more time on their site!

  4. Judy says

    didn’t take discount for me. I sat here for 30 minutes waiting for this super slow website, got all the way to the end and no discount still. Bummer!!!

  5. Judy says

    You are correct Josie, it does not work on the lotions. I was able to order a tin of fudge for my sons teach originally $15 got it for $5. Pretty good deal. Thanks Josie!

  6. Naomi says

    I’m guessing they pulled the code, right? SO bummed. My mum would have LOVED a triple milled soap in her stocking, but my budget frowns on $10 soaps. :(

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