Stater Bros Coupon Match-Ups 12/5-12/11

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Here are the BEST deals at Staters this week!


Print out the Stater Brothers Coupon Policy — in case you have any cashier mishaps :)

Stater Brothers has reveled their NEW Digital coupons program! At first glance, it appears that MANY of these coupons are printable coupons from so far. Although, there are some Digital coupons available. Take a look here.




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  1. Julie says

    The Keebler cookies are.$1.99 and there I’d a coupon on Kelloggs family rewards for $1.50/501 any Keebler cookie. Only $.49…pretty good.

  2. Kitty says

    How does $1.50 for a pomegranate go down to .50 each when you can only use one coupon worth $1? There are often math mistakes in the lists here and it really messes with me!

    • Josie says

      Hi Kitty! Sorry that my math mistakes bother you. I do five grocery ads in the matter of 8 hours, and sometimes my eyes deceive me. I am only human

          • Nanette says

            Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray for Josie!
            To err is human.
            I don’t want to sound nasty but if these “math mistakes mess with you” then I suggest maybe going to another site. Oh wait other bloggers make the same mistakes. And good luck trying to find another blog that does Stater match ups every week.

            Josie I just want to say I appreciate everything you do for us. You are my go to blog when it comes to grocery match ups. And 99.9% of the time they are spot on….THANK YOU!

      • Michelle says

        Yikes! I think you do a pretty good job at helping us find the best deals! Not only grocery, but online deals, freebies, and more! Lots of work for someone with kids! I’m surprised you don’t have more “adjhkdjfhauiehk” in your posts! hehe! Thanks for all you do, math mistakes and all, I appreciate your blog!

    • jgarcia says

      Wow, its funny how someone can someone can complain about a few mistakes. Maybe a perfect person should try doing their own matchups. I for one don’t know how you do it! It is very time consuming and its nice having all the matchups that you post for us. I appreciate all you do Josie, you save us so much time and help us save so much money! Thank you!

  3. jo says

    These match ups r not written in stone “this is free site ”
    we need to take the time & do your owe homework ”

    WE lov all the feed back “we get “that what make the forum Poss”

    Good or bad ”

    Ty josie Human is to error :)


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