Vons: Apple Juice Only $0.90 ea

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Just your Just4U account for a personalized Safeway Apple Juice ecoupon. You may not have this coupon but if you do, you can snag  Apple Juice for $0.90 a bottle.

This week Safeway Apple Juice is B2G1 Free:

Buy (3) Safeway Apple Juice $1.36 ea
Pay: $2.72
= $0.90 per bottle.

You will only be able to get 3 bottles (per day) at this price but a great deal if you need it!

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    • Callie says

      You can have them adjust it at the customer service desk, if you show them the label on the shelf that says B2G1.

  1. Mandy says

    I only paid 1.36 for THREE today.
    I loaded the just4you coupon to my card.
    Bought 3 for 8.07 regular price
    – 2.69
    – 1.33
    – 2.69
    = 1.36 for all 3

    I believe the 1.33 came off through the just4u coupon which gave me the personalized price of 1.36.
    The first 2.69 came off after I swiped my club card.
    Then I handed over the paper coupon from the sales ad for the Buy 2 get one free and that took off the second 2.69.
    They probably did not mean for it to come off twice, but I went back 4 times so far and it worked every time.
    I went to stores in Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga.

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