Vons Coupon Match-Ups 12/5-12/11

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Here are the best deals I see this week at Vons. Make sure to check out the Safeway coupon policy .

Don’t forget to check out the NEW Just4U program at Vons!


indicate my favorite deals!


The following match ups are available through 12/24:


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  1. Cynthia says

    Cool touch Kleenex shows on their site as part of the .99 deal. There us a $.50 coupon also on the site, good until 12/9. Ibotta has a $.50 reward for this type of Kleenex also.

  2. freebiecali says

    im so dissapointed and tired with vons. it seems when you have an personalized deal and a just for U coupon both coupons are interfering with each other so the highest price comes out first , and the digital coupons are not comming off as they should ,the supposedly free yogurt i ended paying 0.67c ,the kleenex deal the 50c didnt come off so 99c , the 0.50c hormel coupon doesnt come off .

    if you shop at vons double check your receipt because its really messed up .

    from now on i will only use real manufacturer coupon ( from the sunday paper) because those digital coupons are just so random .

    • Curtis says

      I have had problems with some Just 4 U discounts coming off even if I do not use coupons. I always print my list and highlight the items I am going to buy so if the discount does not come off, I show it to the cashier and they make the adjustments right there. One time I did forget, brought my list and reciept back to the store and they took care of it at customer service. They did say they have had lots of problems but are always happy to help out to make sure the customer gets the correct price. I shop at Pavilions in West Hollywood which is only 2 blocks from my apartment.

  3. Ann says

    The same thing is happening to me…I don’t know for how long I’ve not been getting the correct prices because I just noticed it on my last receipt, but I’m going to check the next receipt before I go out of the store!

  4. Rachel says

    Yeah, same here- went to vons yesterday, usually i check my receipt before i leave the store but i was in a rush and forgot- the cool touch tissues .50 q didnt come off so it rang up at .99, not sure why!

  5. Ramesh says

    My digital coupons have not been coming off either. This happened 3/3 times last week. Luckily I checked my receipt and they were kind about fixing it….glad I’m not the only one..

  6. BarstowMom says

    I’ve been having problems too. I had to return items twice last week since the Just 4 u prices weren’t coming off and yesterday my personalized price and digital coupon didn’t come off for Dreyer’s. I had to show them my print out and get a price adjustment.

  7. Curtis says

    According to California state law, you are supposed to get the item free if it scans at the incorrect price. I did the deal with the POM drinks last week which would have been 50 cents after the club card, Just 4 U and mfr. coupons.
    I brought the reciept to customer service and they gave me back the full price for the 1st item.

  8. Juls Reese says

    I just make sure I go at night when it is quieter. I do my best to be the only one in line and ask them to go slowly. If I don’t see it come off, I ask them to review it. A bit of a pain but I am able to get 50-75% savings on my bill so it is worth it to me. They are very good about making adjustments if something is not working. I do bet the staff is very sick of the J4U program at this point.

  9. Nanette says

    Never had a problem until 2 weeks ago. I’m really bad about checking my receipt when leaving the store. Usually I look after I get home which is stupid because I only go grocery shopping every 2 weeks. When I see that coupons didn’t come off I get upset but because I live in the mountains it would cost me more in gas to go back down there. Anyway, the last time I went they had the $10 reward coupon when you spent $75. Well I spent a heck of a lot more than $75 and I didn’t get the $10 reward. I question them about it. The man was very nice and gave me a $10 Vons gift certificate. I have been a faithful Vons shopper for 23 years. Heck I worked for them for 18 years. They need to start getting their programming right or they will start losing customers.

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