Vons: HOT Mastercard Gift Card Offer ($30 in FREE Money!)

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 Update: I just tried this deal with the $15 grocery option below. Make sure your total is over $100 in ALL. The $10 catalina should trigger. If you do the Gift card alone and let your total go below $100, it will not print.

My coupon states that $30 should come off your total if you purchase two cards. Make sure not to pick up the Gift cards where you “pick” the amount (those are not working for this deal) If the $30 does not come off your total, I suggest you talk to customer service and they should give you cash for the amount that does not come off.

Check your Just4U account for this awesome $15 off $100 Mastercard Just4U ecoupon! (up to $30) This is great because we have a $10 catalina offer available when you purchase $100.

Through 12/4: Buy $100 Mastercard gift card, Get $10 OYNO — limit ONE $10 per transaction (Be sure to check CouponNetwork to see if this catalina is available in your area)

So, you will pay  $90.95 (a $5.95 fee is added to the card) for a $100 gift card, with the ecoupon alone. Now, it would be great to see if the $10 catalina prints on top of this.. but to keep it safe, you may want to try this:

Buy $200 in Mastercard Gift Cards
– $30 from Just4U ecoupon
Pay: $181.90, Get Back $10 catalina
= $171.90 for $200 in gift cards!

Free Money!

You could also try buying 1 $100 gift card with $15 in groceries. It SHOULD trigger the $10 catalina so it will look something like this:

Buy $100 in Mastercard Gift Cards
Buy $15 in groceries
– $15 from Just4U offer
Pay: $105.95
Get Back $10 catalina
= $95.95 + free groceries!

I will be heading into Vons to try this today. If you beat me to it, let us know how it goes for you!

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  1. Jeri says

    I did this at Pavilions using my club card and my mom’s card. Here’s how it turned out:

    First transaction: $100 MC gift card
    -$15 from Just4U coupon
    +$5.95 activation fee
    Total: $90.95
    I did NOT receive a $10 catalina

    Second transaction, with my mom’s card: I bought TWO $100 MC gift cards ($200 total)
    -15 from Just4U coupon (only deducted $15 ONCE)
    +$5.95 x 2 activation fee ($11.90 in fees — dumb of me, I know I should’ve just got the $200 card and paid the $6.95 fee but I thought my chances of getting the $15 Just4U discount twice was better with two cards…sigh)
    Total: $196.90 (paid $100 with MC from first purchase, and $96.90 cash)
    Received ONE $10 OYO catalina and ONE $10 off next $50 order at Pavilions

    So both were small money makers, but not as good as I thought they might be. And I rarely spend $50 anywhere (even before coupons), so $10 off $50 isn’t a good coupon for me. Darn.

    Hope this helps someone.


      • EES says

        Thanks for testing this and reporting!

        You can’t use the $10 cat (or the $10 off $50) to buy another gift card, right? The Just4U thing says you can get a max of $30 which means you should be able to do 2 transactions total, right (because if you buy $100 OR MORE gift card you get $15 so you’d have to do 2 transactions to get the max of $30)

        Are there any denominations of gift card in between $100 and $200? Sounds like you can use the first card to buy the 2nd card which is good.

  2. Anne says

    Thanks Jeri! This is a great help. I was going to do the Amazon gift card to get the $10 cat and thought this might be a better deal. I might be better off unless the $15 grocery filler that Josie listed works.

  3. Amanda says

    Is Vons doing the $10 off a $50 as well? If so then if you were to buy the $200 mc it would be a 28.05 money maker right?

  4. EES says

    I don’t understand what you are saying here:

    Make sure not to pick up the Gift cards where you “pick” to amount (those are not working for this deal)

    Oh, is it you can’t use a gift card where you pick THE amount? So you have to buy a card that says $100 on it or $200 on it? Can I buy a $25 gift card for somewhere else instead of buying $15 worth of groceries do you think and have this work?

    Thanks for all of this great info!

    • Josie says

      Yes, do not buy the Variable amount gift cards. I think they say $25-$500.I’m not sure if the $25 additional card will work but I don’t see why not. As long as your total is over $100, you should be fine

      • EES says

        So if you buy 2-$100 cards plus $30 in “stuff” you should get 2 $10 catalinas AND the $30 off, does that sound right?

        Thanks for all of the info! It is so hard for you guys to do all of this work to get it! There are just so many combinations!

        • Jeri says

          I bought two $100 gift cards and I got one $10 OYO catalina ($10 off $10 purchase) and one $10 off $50 purchase from Pavilions. I did not get $30 off from the Just4U coupon though — it only took $15 off once.

  5. mar says

    my coupon doesn’t mention anything save up to $30, does that means it’s only for one $100 gift card?………………

  6. says

    I didn’t get it…. :( so sad…. I would have ran outta here lookin’ like a hot mess for that! LOL! Vons site is down now on my end….maybe they are loading the coupon to my account…a girl can dream!

  7. Sarah D says

    I didn’t get the $10 catalina. I bought a $100 Mastercard giftcard (which cost me $91 after subtracting the $15 JustForU coupon and adding the $6 activation fee). At the same time, I bought a $25 Pavilions giftcard card (hoping to trigger the catalina). Ah well, still a great deal.

  8. Anne says

    I didn’t get the $10 cat either after purchasing $100 mc along with over $15 in groceries. I told the mgr. and gave me $10 cash. I bought $100 Amazon gc on my next transaction then got the $10 cat.

  9. Joseph says

    Easiest way is as follows.

    Get a VARIABLE (25-500) Mastercard for the amount of $115

    -15 j4u ecoupon
    +5.95 processing
    Get a 10 dollar catalina.

    This worked with no problems at all. However, this only works for sure with 1 mastercard purchase [which you could roll theoretically if others in the household (i.e. other cards) have the j4u eCoupon available also]

  10. Ro in San Diego says

    Hi Josie. I didn’t get the ecoupon either. What was the category in case I just missed it.

    BTW- Albertson’s is running another gift card special. I think I’ll go after another one with them since I don’t like shopping at Vons.

  11. Ana says

    The terms on the coupon have been updated :( It now states limit one per household, only $15 off. My cashier was super cool and gave me the whole discount. Just so you guys know if you plan on getting more than $100.

  12. jesicaLB says

    I assume not everyone gets this coupon..like to try but I didn’t get it. Do u think customer service #800 can help?

  13. EES says

    It is a little frightening how different people get different results! Is there something I can print out about the catalina part of the deal so I can take it in and show it to the manager if it doesn’t print? I guess I’m going to give the “name your own amount” cards a try to see if it works for me!

  14. Lisa says

    Well…I bought $100 mastercard giftcard and also bought over $15 worth of groceries to keep my total above $100. My $10 catalina did not print. The cashier told me to go over to customer service and the woman in customer service told me that the reason I didn’t receive my $10 catalina was “because I received a $15 discount, therefore, I only paid $85 for my mastercard gift card.” I totally disagree with her, so I have a call into catalina marketing company. The YourBucks offer states: “save $10 in future savings when you buy $100 in MasterCard gift cards.” I clearly BOUGHT $100 in MasterCard gift cards, so I think it should have printed out.

  15. john says

    Can I use the same Vons Club card, do two different transactions and get $15 off $100 master card gift card each time or there is a limit of the $15’s on a household?


    • EES says

      Josie said she tried that and it didn’t take the $15 off the 2nd time. The limit is $30 so you should be able to do 2 in 1 transaction but I think she said the offer said “one time”.

      • EES says

        Just noticed that someone posted you could only get $15 off once now so $15 total, not $30 any more. It was $30 yesterday but I just checked mine and it now says $15 too.

  16. Antony says

    Bought 115 dollars on a debit loadable mastercard and paid 105.95 after the 15 credit came off and received the 10 catalina for any purchase of 10 or more. Did this at vons in las vegas at about 1pm today.

  17. Md says

    Just got 2 $100 gift card. I showed the cashier my coupon and explained to her that yesterday the coupon said save up to $30 but not showing it anymore and she said that we can try. luckily it took $30 off and a $10 cat print, but for the people buying $100 gift card the $10 cat won’t print because the promotion is buy $100 on gift cards and maybe the coupon is affecting the cat to print, even if you buy groceries to reach $100. BTW I will use my gift cards to buy restaurant gift card, a lot of restaurants have promotions right now with GC, Applebess buy $50 GC get $10 bonus card, California Pizza Kitchen buy $100 GC get $20 bonus card and if u have American express credit card and pay with it at least $25 from the $100 that are buying get $10 credit on your next statement. Chipotle buy $30 GC get free Burrito($6 something) . Olive Garden. Boston Market, Macaroni Grill.

  18. harry martin says

    Vons gift card worked like a dream this afternoon in Escondido (San Diego County). Bought $100 card and about $20 in groceries (including $10 in vodka). $15 Just4U $15 taken off and $10 Catalina printed. Yea!

  19. alohaieoe says

    Yesterday I bought (1) $100 master card gift card plus 16 in groceries and activation fee. Had the $15 eCoupon come off and paid 107. Got (1) $10 off 10 and (1) $10 off $50.

  20. jaycee says

    For those that did not receive the $15 off coupon in your Just4u acct, I contacted Just4u customer service at 1877-723-3929 and she was able to load the coupon onto my card for me. However after purchasing the $100 mastercard and about $25 in groceries, the $15 coupon was applied but the $10 catalina did not print. So now I have an email in to the catalina company. At least I was able to get the $15 off and hopefully will get the $10 cat mailed to me.

  21. Trish says

    I don’t get it. I purchased one $100 mastercard and one $25 card for $125 overall. Somehow $30 came off the total and I paid $104 for the two gift cards– but neither catalina. The cat machine was working fine because I got other printouts from it, just not the ones I was looking for. I didn’t make a fuss about it though since I don’t think I was supposed to get $30 off and it was a $21 money maker as it was. Just frustrates me when things are so inconsistent.

      • Trish says

        It was last night in San Diego. I have no idea why $125 didn’t prompt either catalina. (In addition to the Mastercard deal, the Vons website did say $10/$50 if you buy more than $100 in gc’s). Oh well- still got $125 for only $104. Just annoying when you don’t know if it is going to work as it should.

        Now, I’m going to parlay that with the Target gift card deal and make it $135 for $104:)

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