Walgreens: 3 FREE Transformers Kreon Micro Changers!

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Hopefully you got the Free Transformers Kreon Micro Changer coupon in your Smartsource today! If so, you can grab a great deal on them at Walgreens because they are Buy 2, Get 1 Free! So, if you have 2 coupons you can do the following:

Buy (3) Transformers Kreon Micro Changers $2.99 ea (one will be free)
Use (2) FREE Transformers Kreon Micro Changers coupon from 12/2 Smartsorce
= 3 FREE!

What a great idea for stocking stuffers!

Thanks, Catina and Jennifer

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    • says

      Kendra…I think you are right…were you able to grab at least the two Kreon and throw in one of the others so you still got the three for free?

  1. Rick says

    The smallest ever and i wanted them for donations :( should’ve payed attention to the word “micro”. there’s about 6 left after me in the Sierra Ave location in Fontana

  2. Jaden says

    Someone in the other thread said you can PM to Toys R Us, they are Bogo 40% off I believe. I need to find some too. At least we have a month to use the q though. More will hopefully come in stock soon.

  3. Michelle R says

    Did anyone in San Diego get the coupon?? I didn’t see it anywhere :( I also get an LA times delivered but I didn’t see it in that SS either…weird!

  4. Jessica says

    I can’t find the coupon in smart source. Did we get it in San Diego. I bought 4 papers and the can’t find it in any of them.

  5. Curtis says

    I checked out 3 different Walgreens and they did not have any in stock.
    Then last night, I went to the new store on Sunset/Vine in Hollywood and they had them.
    I had 8 coupons so I was able to get all 12 free!
    I am donating these along with other free things I got for the Toy Drive at work.

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