FREE Preschool Pass to SeaWorld San Diego (San Diego Residents Only)

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Here is a great freebie for those of you living in San Diego!  You can get a FREE Preschool Pass to Sea World that is good for unlimited admission through 12/31/13 for kids 3-5 years old.  If you frequent Sea World a lot of would like to, be sure to check out this great deal!

Please note: this deal is valid for San Diego residents only.  It will validate this based on zip code of your address.  Also, there are a few blackout dates: 5/26, 7/5-6, 7/27, 8/3, 8/10, 9/1.

Please note: Shannon called SeaWorld and was told the following:

 Just called to make sure of the details, since I want in on this offer since we don’t have passes. San Diego SeaWorld rep said that the program/promo will launch officially this Wed and that they are gathering all the final info together. They said the info online that is floating around was a misprint of wording and YES parents can take their preschooler and it DON’T have to be used with a teacher.

Thanks, Shannon

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  1. JustD says

    This is great! I didn’t renew our passes this year yet for my DH and 2 DS, one of the is only 5! You saved me a boat load… thank you!

  2. Tara says

    Wish this was for all Southern California Residents! We are planning on getting season passes this year, but live in the Los Angeles area. Bummer :(

  3. Sharoll Guther says

    This should be offered to Military that live in Oceanside or Temecula due to the high cost of living in San Diego? Thanks for the support to Preschool Age group children they are like sponges and love everything that they can learn from.

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