*Hot* One Year L.A. Times Sunday Only for $10 (New Customers only)


I know many of you have been waiting for a LA Times deal. We have a new one for NEW Customers only. Score Sunday Only for only $10 per year (up to 5 subscriptions)! Here’s how:

Call: 800-326-5500 and mention code 8031

If you are new to couponing, LA Times is the BEST paper for coupons. It usually has all inserts including most regional coupons. Delivery is subject to your area–so it may not be available to everyone.

Thanks, Sasha! 

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  1. bridgette Camacho says

    yay thank you! it IS the best paper to get. not as good a deal as my register $1. a year for 52 sunday papers but i get really sad when i dont get the same Qs as the times. =(
    I am going to order 2 papers!

  2. Daphne says

    Is new customer by address or by name? I get a subscription,but wondering if I can order one under my husbands name. Also, as person asked above. Can we order 5 papers a Sunday for $50? Thank you so much for your info, time and help.

    • Lynda says

      Hello Daphne! Our newspaper subscription is under my husbands name & I tried to cancel his and change it to my name but they told me it was not going to work because the address tracks. Hopefully you’ll have better luck.

      • Maria says

        I don’t think it tracks by address since the house/ apartment will always be there…. so if someone else moves into your old home the new homeowners would not be able to take advantage of any deals that say new customers only?

  3. Ashley says

    I just called and they honored the offer and Im already an existing customer. The lady said it wasnt just for new customers. And to answer your question daphne yes you can order 5 papers for $50.00 for a year.. Isnt that awesome..

  4. Diane says

    I was waiting for a great deal like this to come along. Thanks so much Josie! Do you have to pay via credit card when you order?

  5. Julie says

    I already receive two LA times and was able to add two more papers on. The gal at the LA Times just set up a new account and charged me $20 for a year of two papers. Thanks for the heads up Josie.

  6. Andrea says

    I’m totally getting the run around and only allowed one copy. My hubby called back (on speaker phone) and the woman he was talking to was quite rude. I whispered to ask for a supervisor and they just transfered him to another employee! lol I finally talked w/a supervisor who wouldn’t let me order more than one copy but at least she heard me out about the rude employees.

  7. Regina says

    When I called they wanted to know how I heard about this offer! They said it was expired but could give me 1 year for $26.00!

  8. julie says

    I just ordered 5 and I already have an active subscription. They didn’t say anything about it being for new customers. I paid for them all at once.

  9. Cathy says

    It’s not letting me through to an operator. It’s telling me to hit 1 to order but then it keeps looping then hangs up on me. Boo!

    • Mary D. says

      YEAH!!! Thanks Josie. I also already have a Thurs through Sunday subscription with the LA Times. Last year I got this AWESOME deal and it expired back in July. I have been WAITING for this deal again. I hate having to go pick up the papers each Sunday, not to mention having to pay the full price of $8.00 weekly!!

  10. J says

    Sorry to hear some of you are not having much luck. I am an existing customer and they let me order more. The guy on the phone was very sweet and told me that I can order up to 5.

  11. Jewel says

    I just called. I am an existing customer – told me I could only get one at that price..anybody get names of who helpped them achieve more? Or should I call back and tell them I want new subscriptions added to my existing ones and try that route?

  12. AnnMarie says

    Was on hold over 15 minutes, custmer service said they are slammed right now. He asked for the code laughing and then he told me what it was. I ordered 5 copies for 50.00 for a year. Good luck trying to get through

  13. June Bingham says

    I was shocked when i saw this as i only started my 8 week subscription to LA Times a week ago. Paid nearly $16 !!!! Phoned up and they were fine with transferring it to the one year one. Thank heavens!

  14. June Bingham says

    Forgot to say, Thank you for posting this deal. I wouldn’t have known about this if it wasn’t for your site.

  15. Jenny says

    I upgraded my subscription last week because I got a letter from LA times reminding me about the renewal. I only remember getting this $10/year deal from Groupon last year and I only subscribed for 1. But when I called to ask if I can get 5 copies, they let me do it. That was quite a pleasant surprise.

    $50/year for 5 copies is an awesome deal.

    Thanks Josie!

  16. Denise says

    So last week I got a renewal notice of $10. When my husband called in to order it. The reps excuse was “it was a typo & mailed out by mistake and some people got”. Well they were trying to charge me full price. When we decided to cancel, the lady right away gave me the offer so they wouldn’t lose a customer. I wanted to increase to get more papers and they didn’t let me. Now I got this code in the mail I’m gonna try to see hopefully I get someone in a good mood.

  17. Amy says

    It worked for me! I just canceled my subscription on Jan 14th. 5 papers $50. Thanks Josie! bTw I waited At least 10 min on hold.

  18. Anna says

    Just called and ordered 2 copies as a first time subscriber. When I first mentioned the code he asked if I wanted to do Sun-Thurs for $20. I asked if I could do Sun only for $10 and he said yep, no problem.

    I’m a new couponer and I didn’t know if it’d be worth it to pay $2/week because I don’t need multiple coupons to stock up a lot; I’m single, so a years worth of deodorant/toothpaste/soap/etc isn’t much and I can usually get enough with just printables. This deal is DEFINITELY worth it though, and now I’m really glad I waited. Thanks!!

  19. Andi S says

    The offer isn’t available for the Bakersfield area even though we can receive subscriptions up here. A bit disappointing because that is a fantastic deal!

  20. Meagan G. says

    Just worked for me too! I switched my subscription from 1/week to 5 with this deal! Awesomeness! I spoke with Susan, who was super friendly and very helpful! I am so excited!

    • Mo says

      I spoke with Susan too (after a very lengthy hold) and she switched my current subscription, which expires next month, to the new deal. I even got a credit for the prorated amount. I agree, Susan was very nice and helpful!

  21. Missy says

    I’ve called twice… Sales people know about it…. Willing to do it, but say there is something strange with my account….I get transferred to customer service where either they tell me the promo is up, the promo is only for 1 paper, the promo was a groupon renewal, or they don’t have a rate that low. The last sales rep I spoke to was Susan and she was more than willing but said there was something strange on my account. I currently receive 6 papers and wanted to add on a few more.

    • Missy says

      Called back one last ditch effort, spoke to Aaron in sales and he immediately put the offer through for me. He was awesome! Super happy. Don’t give up. You just have to get the right person :)

    • Rebecca says

      I had “something wrong with my account” too apparently and was transferred to another rep who told me I could only get 1 copy (even though the first guy told me the code was good for 5). Just call back and keep trying – eventually you’ll get it!

    • Lynda says

      I also live in an apartment building. If you don’t get your delivery, just call and they will re-deliver at no charge. I just took advantage of this deal and will be getting my four papers in a bundle with my apt #.

  22. Shonda says

    I got this deal ($9.88 per year for Sunday) a couple years ago and it renews at the same price every year – I get 5 papers delivered to my house. GREAT deal!

  23. Mariel says

    Husband had one under his name. So I set up a new account under my name.
    YAY-YEAH got 4 subscriptions for this year! THANKS, Josie & Sasha!

  24. cathy says

    One question ladies so if I ordered my subscription yesterday, then i would have to call a week in advance next year to cancel, so they don’t charge my credit card?

    • Mary D. says

      When I talked to my sales rep yesterday, they said that it is a one time charge for the year. They will not automatically charge you again next year. They will notify me five weeks prior to our renewal so I can either cancel or continue but no guarantee I will get to keep the $10 rate for another year.

  25. Carrie says

    Just got off the phone with a sales rep named Allison she converted my husband $26 subscription to the $10. Plus I ordered two more on his name, she said that this code might still be valid through July of this year. Also we will be notified five weeks prior to our renewal so you can either cancel or continue but no guarantee you will get to keep the $10 rate for another year. Thanks Josie

  26. Rebecca says

    Just ordered 2 copies! I had to go through 3 reps to get it though. The first one said I was already receiving a full week subscription so he couldn’t give me the deal -even though I have never received a full week subscription and don’t currently get the LA Times. The second rep said I was only allowed one copy per household address, even though I told her the previous rep said it was good for 5 copies – she said it was a typo and that she could only give me 1. I told her I just wanted 2, not 5, but she wouldn’t budge so I said no thanks and hung up. I called back and got a super nice lady who had no problem giving me 2 copies at my address, and there was no issue of previous full week subscriptions. Yay!

    Can’t wait to start getting the LA Times inserts, because the OC Register isn’t so great for coupons.

  27. Shilla says

    What an incompetent rep I’ve talked to. I was on the phone for over 10 minutes.
    I asked him how long is the promotion valid, can I have more than 1, can there be more than 1 under same household address?
    OMG, he couldn’t understand my question. He said, it’s only for new customers thus best offer is $26. subscription is for 1 year. I asked him about the promotion validity. he kept saying 1 year subscription. He just didn’t get my questions at all. I got so frustrated and hung up.

  28. Daphne says

    I called to see how long offer was good for and the rep asked for the code and said February 2017!!! I didn’t have my card to order and she said that I could order and be billed 2 weeks after first delivery this Sunday. Awesome. So, I ordered 4. Just FYI for those who haven’t ordered yet.

  29. Wendy says

    I just got my two, no wait time, and the call lasted 6 mins. Super fast. the guys name was Joe. Super nice. Can’t wait for my papers to be delivered.

  30. Doris Salcedo says

    When I called and gave the code number, the rep. described a totally different offer. But when I told her a was calling for Sundays only for $10 a year she honored it. Got 2 copies.

  31. Brenda Loza says

    I spent the worst 40 mins on the phone with a supervisor Amanda trying to use the code to get 2 newspapers in addition to the 1 that i already have. No luck she only wanted to give me one and then she told me to go online to Groupon to see if i can get the 2 subscriptions. total waste of time.

  32. George says

    Just called in and the customer service was quick and helpful, set up a new account and ordered in under four minutes!

  33. Jackie says

    I just called the representative said they were not allowed to do this deal over the phone, so I asked for a supervisor she said the same thing only if you subscribe to group on, or if u are a new subscriber. I’m going to try group on.. to see if it’s offered there!! They’re making it so difficult :(

    • Stephanie says

      Call and complain because you should have had 5 inserts. It’s too late for them to deliver it but they will tack on an extra week to your subscription.

  34. MARIA says

    Called this morning and replaced my 1 existing subscription to LA Times with 5/$50 for a whole year with this Code. Praise God! I was paying $8 every 8 weeks for only 1. This is AWESOME! I live in San Jacinto, Ca for those of you who live out here too. It works!

  35. Rissa says

    I just tried calling and they said it was a mailing error and they weren’t honoring the code anymore. I think it’s like a lottery when you call them. You might get lucky with who answers your call.

  36. Savvy Ma says

    I just called this morning and spoke to a very helpful rep named Jessica. She was able to convert my current subscription to the new deal!! Thank you Josie!!!! =)

  37. Vivian says

    I’m new to couponing…. I just called LA Times a few minutes ago. The wait was short (about 5 mins.) The rep was a young gentlemen and he offered me up to 5 subscriptions — The code #8031 IS STILL VALID!!! Don’t give up if you get a bad rep. This is a great deal!!!

  38. aline says

    I had no luck with the code. The representative (Joanne) said I did not qualify for that discount yadda yadda yadda. May try this later with a different rep.

  39. Stephanie says

    I’m a current subscriber and I just called and got through with no wait and got 2 for $20 no problem. My current subscription was set to expire in a couple of weeks. Thanks Josie!!!!! Awesome deal! And here I though I got a good deal last year, $26 for Thurs-Sun. :)

  40. Jo says

    Just added two subscriptions for $20! I’m so glad you posted this deal — no more running out on Sundays for extra papers. :)

    • Stephanie says

      Called today, spoke to Eric, very nice and quick, he honored the code and I have 5 subscriptions for Sunday paper, thanks Josie for posting this!! :-)

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