NEW Kroger & Affliates Instant Game (Win up to $15!)

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 Reminder! Play everyday to win (I have $6!)

Yay! We have a NEW Kroger and Affliates (Ralphs, Smiths) instant win game. Just head on over here and choose your local store. Sign in and add 5 select 5 items. Once you have selected 5 items– balloons will pop up and you can choose one for a prize!

I got $1 off my next $1 or more purchase! Looks like you can play once everyday up until 1/12.

What did you win?! I hope one of you get $15!!


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  1. Kim says

    Nothing! I have done it two days in a row and I am having no luck but I am going to keep trying to see if I win something.

  2. Mo says

    Thanks for letting us know about this… for some reason Ralphs is not highlighting this great promo. I was able to redeem my winnings at Food 4 Less (it came off automatically).

    • Buttercup says

      Tell the cashier to scan your Ralphs club card, it should work. I always do it and the coupons come off. It works :)

    • newbie says

      Yes. I got mine thru the mail tho since I’ve never heard a cashier offer me one. But I’ve heard you can also use your Ralphs Club Card.

  3. V.K says

    Sorry…you didn’t win this time,
    but here’s a tip for your resolution.

    Explore a new regimen for your hair care
    routine – get creative

  4. Karen says

    I hadn’t won anything in a few days and just won $1…better than nothing! So there are prizes still available….keep playing!

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