NEW Kroger & Affliates Instant Game (Win up to $15!)

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Yay! We have a NEW Kroger and Affliates (Ralphs, Smiths) instant win game. Just head on over here and choose your local store. Sign in and add 5 select 5 items. Once you have selected 5 items– balloons will pop up and you can choose one for a prize!

I got $1 off my next $1 or more purchase! Looks like you can play once everyday up until 1/12.

What did you win?! I hope one of you get $15!!

Thanks, thecentsableshoppin

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  1. SLNY says

    I got a $1 and so did my mom! Will the $1 automatically come off our total or will it print like a catalina???

      • newbie says

        I’m glad you brought this up. My store in LA never offers the card, but I was able to get one by mail. I signed up for it online. I haven’t used it, but I was wondering if anyone else has in Southern CA??

        • newbie says

          in case anyone is wondering, f4l does have a reward card where you can loads coupons and earn points. they don’t advertise in store, but I requested online and it came by mail. I was able to load this coupon and used it in store.

          • Ann says

            I think you can probably use your Ralphs card at F4L because there was a time when I forgot my Ralph’s card and tried using my F4L alternate ID (phone number) at Ralphs and it went through and gave me the member price. Later that day, I saw the Ralphs purchase/points go towards my F4L account online.

            My F4L didn’t used to have physical cards either, but once they opened up the Fuel Center they’ve been advertising for the card. I’ve noticed that they only really give out/advertise for the card at the F4L with the fuel center (Lemon Grove, San Diego) and the rest of the F4L in the San Diego area are basically the same.

            Last but not least, I’ve used my F4L points for fuel rewards at Shell, even though Shell is only advertised to give fuel rewards for Ralphs points.

    • DealGirl says

      Yeah, they do. I just played again and got $1. Yesterday I got $5. In my digital coupon account it shows each coupon off my next purchase! Woohoo!

  2. Mary says

    Has anyone redeemed their winnings at the store? I am wondering because I played two days in a row and would both days winnings come off of the same transaction or is it one winning per transaction?

  3. Karen says

    Has anyone tried the game today? I am having trouble with it. I get to the balloons but am unable to pop one….wondering if it’s just me or the game…? thanks!

  4. alicia says

    I went to ralph’s last night and my 1$ didn’t come off. I just checked to see if it was the right card number and it was… confused. :\ I just won another 5$ today so I hope next time I go it’ll work!

  5. Mike says

    I wonder if it matters which balloon you pick, or it is predetermined. My wife and i both got something ($1 mostly and $5 once) for the first 3 days, but today, we got ‘Sorry You Didn’t Win’ for the first time. Will pick a different balloon tomorrow.

    • freebiecali says

      i dont think which ballon you pop matters . first i though each ballon is 15 ,10, 5 1 and no win , so 1 chance on 5 not to win . i ve been playing for the past couple days haven’t win a thing .either i m REALLY unlucky or everyday its already pre -selected . (i m guessing they are giving the high value one to frequent shoppers ?)

  6. Karen says

    I just came from Ralphs and both of my prizes came off my receipt. I am still unable to play the game a third time….any ideas why?

  7. Deborah says

    I won twice $1 each time, went to Ralph’s today and NOTHING……..nothing came off at all, I had NOT checked prior, just took the pop up thing at it’s word that it would be loaded to my card……the cashier told me to call customer service in the morning, which I TOTALLY plan on doing………..will also ask if there’s a “limit” to how many times you can win something, as I hit the $1 2 days in a row and now it tells me no winner try again……

  8. Deborah says

    I called… loaded, my adorable 20 year old daughter redeemed them on Saturday….she doesn’t live at home……….anyway…….you can win EVERYDAY….it does not stop after 2 wins…, if I could just pick the right balloon again…..i’ve lost 3 days in a row :(

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