Ralphs Sweepstakes ~ (30) People Will Win $1,000 In-Store Shopping Spree!!!

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Holy cow! I want a SCS reader to win this soooo bad!!! From January 13th through February 11th, Ralphs has another awesome sweepstakes that you can enter once per day! There will be a total of (30) winners and the prizes are $1,000 gift cards to spend in a Ralphs or Ralphs affiliate store. How amazing is that?!
Here’s how to enter:
  • Go to www.ralphs.com/sweeps and sign into your Ralphs account
  • Read the official rules and agree to them
  • You will be entered into the drawing once that day
  • Share the sweepstakes with up to 4 friends by email and receive an additional entry each time you share! One additional entry will be given for each individual email sent.
So come on all you SCS readers, enter once per day and let’s see if we can get one of you to be one of the (30) lucky winners!


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    • Jane says

      They (Ralphs) are still expensive compared to local markets….only on -sale items and even some of those are higher then say an Asian or Mexican Market. They are a chain…and look so clean inside and big….that’s why you like it…upscale market and for people who earn higher wages then the $35,000 per year people. We so poor nowadays…cost of living in the U.S. is high.

  1. Michael Shorr says

    I had the pleasure of shopping at store #213 in West Hills, Ca today. I stopped dead in my tracks
    when I approached the fresh fish dept. The presentation and display of the fish and shellfish were
    absolutely outstanding! I complemented the man in the department, and he introduced himself to me as Ralph. Ralph is an outstanding employee and you should be happy that he isn’t working at
    another market chain.
    I checked out and once again I was thrilled to have been waited on by your checker Paige. She
    greeted me with a genuine smile we chit chatted and she as well made me feel at home.

    Before departing the store I approached the front desk to speak to the manager and tell her of my great experience with Ralph in the fish department. Well what can I say now about meeting
    Cheryl up front, in a word she is so friendly, pleasant, and outgoing!

    I’m new to the West Hills neighborhood but not new to Ralphs. I have to pass by a Pavillions and
    an Albertsons to shop at this particular Ralphs which I fell in love with.

    I commend everyone at your fine store, and the supervisory staff as well.

    Sincerely, Michael Shorr

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