Rite Aid: Cheap Munchkin items!


There is a new monthly deal available at Rite Aid on Munchkin products! Buy 2, Get Back $5 +Up reward (limit 2 rewards) There are several items included –which includes the Rubber Duck bath toy.

Munckin Bath Ducky $2.99
Get $5 +Up wyb 2
= $0.49 ea!

Munchkin Bottle cleaner $3.99
Get $5 +Up wyb 2
= $1.49 ea wyb 2

Munchkin Trainer Spoon $3.99
Get $5 +Up wyb 2
= $1.49 ea wyb 2

Munchkin Powder Dispenser $3.99
Get $5 +Up wb 2
= $1.49 ea wyb 2

These items could be less if you have a wellness discount as well!

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  1. Mar says

    also if you are interested on buying Tide boost stain release is include in P&G promotion buy $30 get $10ups, got 4 Tide $5.94 each one and 7 Down $.99 each one $30.69 less 4 $3 Tide MQ from P&G 01/27 and 7 $.50 Down MQ P&G 01/27(have to do 2 trans) pay $15.19 and get $10 ups, another deal is buy 8 Lipton Tea $2 each one $16 less 4 $1 Lipton MQ from SS 01/20 pay $12 get $5 ups is like paying $.87 for each one.

  2. says

    Although my store didn’t have the Munchkin products labeled with the special, it still rang up correctly and I received my $2 ups! Thanks for the info :)

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