Vons Filippo Berio Olive Oil as low as $1.75 each (reg $10.99)!

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Wow!  It looks like the Filipo Berio Olive Oil deal at Vons is even better than expected!  Elizarae emailed me this picture that shows her getting two bottles for $1 each!  It appears that they are ringing up BOGO Free and then taking off the Just For U savings to bring down to $5 for both.  Then using the $1.50 Filippo Berio Coupon from Coupons.com Savings Club, saved another $1.50.

Buy (2) Filippo Berio Olive Oil $5 (must load Just For U coupon to card to get this price) BOGO Free
Use (1) $1.50/1 Filippo Berio Olive Oil (Coupons.com Savings Club) you can get a free 30 day trial if you sign up right now!
or Use $1/1 Filippo Berio Olive Oil printable coupon
= $3.50 total or $1.75 each

BOGO Free deal is valid through 1/29 but Just for U coupon expires tomorrow!

Thanks Elizarae!

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    • Kristin says

      You might want to be careful with the coupons though, many stores have not been letting me use more than three like coupons in one transaction; of course, that would still work out to getting 6 bottles.

  1. Kat says

    Is the bogo unadvertised deal. I don’t have it in my just for u. I bought 6 yesterday. Do you think they’ ll do price reduce for me?

    • Josie says

      The BOGO deal will not be in your Just4U account, only the $5. The BOGO deal was marked in my store but without a $5 just4u tag. Its very possible the the BOGO sale started today…

  2. Kat says

    I went this morning thinking I was going to buy 2 of them for $4.00 each with my manufacturer coupons. The cashier and I were both surprised when they rang up b1g1 free! It wasn’t marked on the shelf and my Just4You coupon was just the $5.00 each.

      • Love2save says

        I went this morning to get two. I was a little confused. I saw the bottles with expire date April/2014 were kind of “cloudy” and the bottles dated with expire date Oct/2013 were “clear” Does it makes a diffrence??? I never really saw Olive oil by “cloudy” Does it clear up as it ages?
        Just courious.

  3. Kat says

    Awesome! I went and get 4 more. And get raincheck for 8 at 2.50 each. I will return the one I bought yesterday. Right now the shelf is cleared at my store. Josie! You heard this thousands time. But I have to say again! You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  4. JustD says

    It didn’t work for me in East County. I went to the Vons on Fletcher Pkwy and Navajo. There were no BOGO signs posted, only J4U. The J4U price didn’t even ring up but since I wasn’t going to buy them without the BOGO, I didn’t bother with them correcting the price.
    Hopefully there was an error on the cashiers part or something crazy and someone will report this working or at least BOGO signage nearby.
    Thanks for the heads up, Josie!

    • JustD says

      BONE HEAD! I went to another Vons and “magically” found the signage… on the right product! I was trying to purchase the Star and that’s why it didn’t work. I’m such a dork because I even specifically remember noticing the bottle was different from the one you have pictured. I was able to get 4 bottles for $7.00 just as you said I could. I’ll try to pay better attention next time… LOL!

  5. meryl says

    wow, this is a great price- am going to try it today. Fingers crossed!!! My J4U had Star olive oil for $5? But I hope this is on bogo at my store! Thx Josie!

    • Joy says

      The Star Olive oil was NOT signed at my store B1G1 but was signed with the $5 Just4U. I don’t think they are B1G1. I didn’t try it.

  6. says

    I just used my printable $1 off coupon this morning, and my Safeway store had it marked as B1G1 free AND that they were $5 for Just4U members. Got 2 bottles for $2 each!

  7. Debbie says

    My Hemet Vons was sold out this morning!!! But I got a raincheck and it was tagged BOGO through 1/29. So I have time to get in this great deal.

  8. Kat says

    Thank you so much for the heads up on this! I purchased 4 bottles for $1 each……Trying to see if a neighbor will print 2 more for me as I only use olive oil in our house and this is such a great deal.

  9. Nat says

    Thanks Josie, that was an amazing deal that went super smoothly. Like Kat I only use olive oil and go through it super fast, so this came just in time!! The only snag was at first I couldn’t find the bottles at my Vons they had plenty of the Star brand, turns out someone hid the remaining 8 Filipo behind the Star bottles, there was another couponer also looking for the same ones, I didnt give up, kept moving bottles around and made both our day when I spotted them! I bought 4 bottles, used the $1.50 and the $1 coupon, so paid $7.50 for four bottles ($1.87 a bottle!!) I have a question about Savings Club, I just joined it for this coupon but was only able to print one of the $1.50 coupons, is there a 1 per limit on there for these special coupons?

  10. Tita says

    OMG! Thank you so very much! I feel so excited I went to Vons yest. Sunday 1/12/13 and bought 8 bottles of Filipo and used 8 $1cpns and after just4u and BOGO discounts paid $12 for all 8. So awesome I was able to give some to my sister and I am set for a while! I did notice some bottles were cloudy but had later exp date of Oct2014. But in all thank you very much I depend on your site to keep up with my tight budget! You’re the best!

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