Vons Grocery Deals 1/16-1/22

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Here are the best deals I see this week at Vons. Make sure to check out the Safeway coupon policy .

Don’t forget to check out the NEW Just4U program at Vons!


indicate my favorite deals!


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  1. crlzmmr says

    I was at Vons today (1/15/13)
    and Fresh Express salad kits were on sale for $3.00, (- $0.99 )
    I had a Just4U 10% off bagged salad coupon, (-$0.30 )
    a 20% coupon off anything in the produce section. (-$.54)
    and a Just4U coupon (for a salad kit), ( -$2.00 )
    I ended up only paying $0.16

    • crlzmmr says

      Boy. That sounds like I’m bragging.
      What I was trying to do was let people know
      how Just4U e-coupons combine.
      I am still confused about them, and maybe others are too.

      • crlzmmr says

        One last thing, I left out something off my first post:
        the “20% coupon off anything in the produce section.”
        was a Just4U coupon also.
        so, 3 different Just4U coupons all combined on the same item.

        I’m going to shut up now and go to bed.

  2. Amanda says

    when i went to vons tonight there were quaker granola bars standees with pads of $1/2 quaker products coupons on the sides of the standee!

  3. Diane says

    For the Dr Pepper digital coupon, it says one time only. Can I buy more than 1 in the transaction and get that price? Thanks!

  4. Sarah says

    Today I checked my J4U and I had FREE Safeway Salad Bowl & FREE Food Should Taste Good Chips. Score! I don’t have to buy lunch. :)

    • Doc says

      With the $1.50/3 La Victoria products, that can be used with the following right?

      LaVictoria Salsa – $1.79
      Use $0.40 Digital Coupon
      = $1.39

      Because the J4U coupon says “$1.39 each” which normally means it’s a store coupon so it should stack with manufacture coupon, correct? Thanks!

  5. Nanette says

    Just got back from Vons a bit ago. My husband came which was a mistake :/ Anyway he saw that the Peperidge Farms garlic bread on sale for 2 for $5. He grabbed one. After checking out I saw that it came to $.50. There was a $2 ecoupon in my J4U account. So check your account because that’s a darn good price. On a side note…..If you don’t want to go over your grocery budget don’t take your junk food junkie husband. :)

  6. newbie says

    I need some Vons mentoring. I think I might be a little confused about the whole personalized deals vs. just4u vs. e-coupons. On Friday, I went in with my list and coupons, but noticed I didn’t get some of the deals I was hoping for. I don’t have my receipt with me, but for example, the Tazo tea was $3 and I had $1 off on my Vonsclub card and I didn’t get the discount. I also had a paper Q for the cookie crisp and only the digital one went thru. I had a $2 vonsclub Q for the Fresh express salad and that didn’t go thru, so i had to pay the 2.50 sale price. I also had a just4u 10% bagged salad, and that didn’t go thru. I also had a paper Q for the V-8 and that didn’t go thru. It was the manager who rang me up, so I”m wondering….shouldn’t he have given me my coupons back if they weren’t accepted?? Also, I noticed on the receipt he only took one coupon, which was for the hefty bags. Am I missing something? Did I do something wrong? It was after work, so the market was crowded and I had my 2 little babies with me, so I didn’t notice until I got home. What do you suggest I do the next time?

    • KMom says

      Just a few tips:
      -If you still have your receipt and your printed out Just4U, you can go back and show that the J4U prices were not given. It has helped me in the past to make a copy of the receipt and highlight the ones that I was overcharged on.
      -I’ve noticed sometimes that a scanned coupon will make the regular beep sound when they scan it, but it doesn’t actually take off any money. I hand my coupons over one at a time (which I’m sure they are annoyed by, but oh well) so I can watch whether each one takes or not. Unfortunately, if the cashier took them anyways and put them in the drawer, you won’t probably get that money (although you may try, especially if you have doubles of the coupons you can show him).
      -Josie has a post on here somewhere on which of the deals shown to you in Just4U can be combined with paper coupons. It was very helpful!

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