Vons Grocery Deals 1/23-1/29

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Here are the best deals I see this week at Vons. Make sure to check out the Safeway coupon policy .

Don’t forget to check out the NEW Just4U program at Vons!


indicate my favorite deals!


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  1. Amanda says

    there was a $1 off coupon in the newspaper sunday for Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt 4-pack…can you use it with the 60 cent digital coupon?

    • Jaden says

      Yes, I believe so as long as its not a Mfq. one (the digital one), if its J4U you are good.

      I can’t get any smart source coupons to print because of the Java warning. Anyone know a way around this? I wanted the soy sauce coupons. Thanks!

        • EES says

          I haven’t been able to get this to work with Firefox either so I just copy the link to IE and it has worked for me. I installed Java 5 times before I finally gave up on Firefox for this.

      • Kristin says

        I kept re-installing Java and it didn’t help; what I found to work is use Chrome and it will ask if you want to run the application and say “just this once” or something like that and it forces the coupons to print.

      • bridgette Camacho says

        you should uninstall all previous versions of java and then install the newest from their website. should fix the problem

  2. Cheetosmom says

    I have a question about the classico pasta sauce deal. If there is a $3 cat for buying 2 sauces wouldnt it be a better deal to do this scenario:
    Buy 2 sauces @$1.99 =$3.98
    Do not use coupon
    Pay $3.98 get back $3 cat making each bottle .49 each
    Or am i understanding the catalina incorrectly
    TYIA :)

    • Michelle says

      Cheetosmom – when I looked it up it does show save up to $3 and only 2 bottles of pasta sauce…but when you actually print it, Laura is correct. It is up to $3.00… Buy 2 Get $1.00; Buy 3 Get $2.00; Buy 4 Get $3.00

      • Laura H. says

        Just got back from Vons and the Classico deal came out a little better than I thought — I think it was because I had the 10% off any pasta sauce in my jfu, so check your accounts! As usual the receipt is almost impossible to decipher, but I bought 4 jars and after the card savings, j4u personalized savings, and j4u store coupon savings, I paid $5.96. Got the $3 catalina, so it ended up being just under $3 for 4 jars.

  3. Karen S. says

    There’s a Del Monte Catalina coming up on 1/28 for the Tomatoes. $1/3, $1.25/4, $2/6. With the digital coupon price at .75 should make for .42 per can.

  4. Amanda says

    Target has a mq for Stouffer’s Entrees buy 3 get 1 Free…I also have a J4U price of 1.88 so 5.64 for 4 meals =)

  5. Amy H. says

    Sweet…just found $1 off any Kikkoman Soy Sauce product in my J4U account, so only .49 cents after the sale price of $1.49! Check your accounts!

  6. Anne says

    Huggies currently have a deal of save $10 wyb $40. I bought 4 packages of pull ups $10.49 each and used 4 $2.50/1 mfr q. I also have $5 off $50 J4U so I bought other stuff to reach $50. It came out to about $5 a pack. $10 savings is instant off your total.

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