HOT: Free Pure Spring Facial Treatments!

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These face treatments above are priced at $19.99 and they are BOGO free AND there is a monthly $10 +Up reward available when you purchase 1.

{Deal Idea}

Buy (2) Pure Spring Treatments $19.99 ea BOGO free
Pay: $19.99
Get Back (2) $10 +up rewards (limit 2)

Thanks, Rite Aid 101


  1. G. Clooney says

    No, he/she didn’t try this, or they would know that the BoGo sale trums the Rite Buy price. It would be $19.99 for two, get 2x$10 +UP Rewards.

    No MM, still a nice freebie though. Great information, just a little misleading with the price confusion..

    • Josie says

      You are absolutely correct but I purchased one of each and assumed the reason I did not get the $14.99 price was because I mixed and matched (only one was priced at $14.99 according to my store tags)

      It was a mistake on my part and quickly remembered that it wasn’t because I mixed and matched that I did not get the $14.99 price. It was a mistake and I have edited my post. No need to be rude.

  2. Sandra says

    Josie so I can buy 4 boxes and pay $40 and get 4 $10 ups? Im confused about the prices though is it $14.99 or $19.99?? Thanks in advance!

    • Ambur Quijada says

      The price is 19.99 if you BOGO if you only wanted to buy one the the price is 14.99. The limit on the ups is 2 so you can only get $20 in ups back….HTH

  3. Amy H. says

    Where are they found? My husband and I checked two different Rite Aid’s and walked the aisles and could not find them! We assumed face wash section, but maybe somebody could help us out. Store employees could not help us either.

    • katherine says

      hey amy, i had a hard time finding these too! they are located in the facial products area on the bottom shelf. i have never heard or saw this brand until today.

      • Tracyfl says

        My store only had two total in stock. One of each type and they were both marked $19.99 ea. I paid $19.99 and got (2) $10 +Up, which is the limit. Yay free face cream just in time for this very dry weather! Thanks for this post!!

  4. Elizabeth says

    My manager said these weren’t supposed to be out till today-Monday.

    Also I didn’t mix and match, but still paid 19.99 for two but got two rewards.

    Thank you for all your work Josie!

  5. Michelle R says

    Thanks for the heads up Josie! Just worked perfectly for me in San Diego :) They were a little hard to find, in my RA they were in the “expensive” facial care section, towards the bottom shelf..

  6. Candice says

    Thank you so much for this deal. I had $15 in UPRs expiring today, and this was so great. I expected to find none, but my store was stocked!

  7. JenK says

    Thanks so much Josie! I got the deal at my Rite Aid, it worked out just as you said! Best part was when the cashier watched the UPs print out on the receipt and said “oh snap!”

  8. Sara says

    I was wondering if anyone had a reaction to this? It’s got Ginkgo Biloba so I’m a little worried about using it given all of the side effects regarding this substance.

  9. June Bingham says

    Hi Josie,
    I was so excited when you posted this deal. I have looked in both the Rite Aid’s in Simi Valley but had no luck finding them. So disappointed. Does everyone that did find them have very large Rite Aid stores in their area? Both ours are not very big and very old stores.

    • June Bingham says

      Forgot to say thank you Josie for your great site and helpful members. I am new to this, but thanks to you all, I am starting to get my head round all this and finding some great deals

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