*Hot* One Year L.A. Times Sunday Only for $10

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It seems that many of you are STILL having success with this code. If you have been looking for the LA Times at a cheap rate here is the time to do it.

You can order up to 5 papers per address at $10 per year

Call: 800-326-5500 and mention code 8031 (Note: you MUST call the phone number listed here to get the rate.)

If you are new to couponing, LA Times is the BEST paper for coupons. It usually has all inserts including most regional coupons. Delivery is subject to your area–so it may not be available to everyone.

Thanks, Sasha! 

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  1. Maggie says

    “only for new customers” you must get the promotion code through your mail only in order to use it. That is what I was told….. Anyone else?

    • Mrs. Spencer says

      Not true for me. Today I ordered two additional copies per week and had no problems at all. I would just call back until you get a receptive customer service person.

  2. Dani says

    @Maggie – try again! I just signed up for three papers and we already get two delivered. The csr asked if we were existing customers and we gave him our acct number. Easy peasy.

  3. JT says

    THANK YOU!!! I was receiving 4 copies and paying WAAAAAAAAY more — they applied the discount to my existing subscription AND applied the $$ I had already paid. So now I’m getting a smoking deal for a full year, and I have a credit on my account.

  4. Nissy says

    I had such a hard time getting the deal, they told me it expired so I asked to speak to a supervisor and that’s when I got 5 for 10 a piece for a year so $49.99 total. Be persistent if they don’t give you the rate right away.

  5. crystal says

    They told me it was groupon only and refused so I cancelled my current subscription. Can anyone tell me how you got it?

  6. naresh says

    Recieved $10/year sunday times only promotion using above code without any issues. Is any one aware of Target gift card promotion that was running 2 yrs ago ?

  7. cozycoupon says

    What a great deal 19 cent a copy for 52 weeks. No problems in making the call or getting the deal. I already receive the la times 4 days a week for 50cent a week! What a great deal all around! Clipping my blessings! Thanks Josie for the post.

  8. Michelle in SD says

    With a newborn baby in the house it’s been tough to run out and grab a few papers. Thankfully this code is still active and I was able to get 5 LA Times delivered to me! Thanks!!

  9. nikki smith says

    I called today april 16 2014 and got it delivered on base to me. Thank you for a great code it totally worked and I am a first time customer

  10. Sam in LA says

    Just used the promo code to continue an expiring subscription and received the additional year for $10 without a problem. The operator mentioned that the subscription rate of $10 should be good for an additional year if you ask for it and let them know you plan to extend ahead of time.

  11. Lili Salmon says

    I called. The lady transfer me to other lady. She said $10 deal for sunday-only which only for groupon deal. I checked but did not find any groupon deal. She refused take the promotional code.

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