Ralphs: FREE Simple Truth Pasta

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Grab a FREE box of Ralphs Simple Truth Pasta on the Ralphs Facebook Page. You must print the coupon to redeem.

Print: FREE Box Simple Truth Pasta

Thanks, Sarah 

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  1. dot says

    This is interesting because Ralphs coupon policy states it will not accept a printed internet coupon for a free item. How is this going to work?

  2. Shelly says

    Does anyone know which gum is for free with the coupon we loaded last week? It says 6 count but there’s only gum with 12 pieces in it or the 3 pack gum in the candy section.

  3. liz says

    My Ralph’s would not accept this coupon and accused me of photocopying it. I even showed them the facebook post on my phone.

  4. Mike says

    I brought the whole page to the store so they could see where it came from. It would not scan though. They manually entered it, and then it gave them an override prompt, which deducted the price ($2.50).

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