Vons: $1.29 DiGiorno Pizza (Today only)

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Update: Looks like the 3rd pizza is ringing up full price and doesn’t make for such a great deal but it is still about $2.30 per pizza depending on the amount that comes off at the register. Its better to buy at the $3.88 price that is advertised through 2/5.

Today only, you can snag DiGiorno pizza for only $1.29 ea at Vons. DiGiornio is marked even lower than the ad price for this week at $3.49 (today only)

DiGiorno Pizza $3.49 (2/3 only)
Use B2G1 DiGiorno Pizza printable
or Use B2G1 DiGiorno Pizza, exp. 2/9/13 (RP 01/27/13 #2)
Pay: as low as $1.15 per pizza!

Some people have stated that the coupons have taken on the full regular price of the pizza ($6.99) which means you would pay $1.29 per pizza!

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  1. Wendy says

    I just got back from Vons and saw your post. Limit is 2 @ the $3.49 price. The way it rang up for me, I paid $7.46 – which works out to about $2.50/pizza. Not too bad, but I wish I got the $1.29! Here’s what my receipt says…
    RegPrice 22.47
    Card Savings 8.00-
    Mfg Cpn 7.01-

  2. Sara says

    If two pizzas costs $3.49 each and the third costs $6.99 the coupon would take off $6.99 and so each pizza would be $2.33 (3.49*2/3). Not sure how it’s $1.15? It says the $3.49 price is limit 2. So the 3rd pizza rings up full price. Is the third pizza not ringing up at full price for other people?

    • Josie says

      Well, the price this week is $3.88 and there is no limit on that. So, assuming the $3.88 price would ring up on the third pizza.. you would get $3.49 off OR $7 off depending on what is taken off at the register.. I’m not sure what price will ring up as I have not done this deal :)

      2 @3.49 (special for Sunday)
      1 @3.88 (price this week)

  3. Rebekah says

    I think that if you load the digital mfg q for the buy 2 get 1 free, the computer will automatically take off the 6.99 value. But if you use the paper coupon, the cashier has to manually enter the price of the third pizza.

  4. Melynda says

    That explains it! I just got back from Von’s and was reviewing m receipt. The pizza’s were not as great a deal as I thought, but are still cheap. This was my second trip. I printed another coupon fron coupons.com just so I could get more!

  5. Mariel says

    The 2 @3.49 (special for Sunday) & 1 @3.88 (price this week) really MESSED up my transaction. I bought 12 pizzas and had 4 B2G1 Qs. The 1st 5 rang up as 3.49 then the cashier attempted to scan my Qs but ended up scanning one Q 3 times. Somehow, that sparked the register to ring up my last 6 as 6.99. I tried to tell her but she states that she can not see the individual prices until after the reciept has printed. I spoke to teh customer service guy who states that I paid 3.49 each per pizza which doesn’t make sense because 4 should have been free. I left the store and did calculations in my car then went back to speak with another customer service guy who ended up referring me to a cashier. So 45 minutes later, I got a refund for the difference and paid 3.88 for the 6 pizzas. I will probably inform Corp. about this because it was very discouraging!

  6. Michelle says

    I found a $1.25 off 1 DiGiorno pizza tearpad at Ralphs. Does anyone know if I can use the B2G1 and 2 $1.25 off coupons together???

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