Vons $5 Friday: $4 Cottonelle + $0.67 Cheerios

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Today is Friday–which means its $5 Friday at Vons. There are a couple of good deals to note — keep in mind that if you can not get to the store today be sure to load the Just4U ecoupon onto your store card.. That way you can go anytime this weekend.

Cottonelle 12ct $5
Use $1 off Cottonelle Toilet Paper, exp. 2/9/13 (SS 01/13/13 R)
= $4

Muilti Grain Cheerios $1.67 ea
Use $1/1 Multi Grain Cheerios printable coupon
= $0.67 ea

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  1. kathy says

    There is a Just4u Planters peanuts coupon for $1.99 each and there is a $1.00 coupon in the SS 1/27 insert making the 16 ounce jars only $.99.

  2. leslie says

    I have never shopped at Vons before, do I have to sign up for a card at the store like albertsons? and if so how do I then load the coupons on my card? Im assuming they are store coupons, if so can I combine them with manufacture coupons as well? sorry for all the questions, I recently began using coupons and Im still in the process of learning.

    • Sara says

      Leslie, yes you have to sign up for a card (it only takes 2 minutes in the store). After you get your card you register it online (also very easy) through Vons.com. Then you can load store & manufacture coupons and get personalized deals all online and right into your card. They have both store and manufacture coupons. You can NOT stack (combine) a “loaded” manufacture coupon with a printed manufacture coupon. But you CAN stack a “loaded” store coupon with a manufacture coupon.
      I also just started using coupons and I know it can be confusing at times. I hope that helps! Happy coupon-ing! :)

  3. susie says

    When you buy 6, you save $3. I bought 6 cerals with loaded 3/$5, Got 3$ off those 6 plus the 10% off ceral in my Just4U account. Used 6 $1/1 q, used my $4 OYNO from last week. I also got alot more other stuff too so OOP was only $3.62 with overal savings of 91%

  4. Melynda says

    I learned last night that you really have to pay attention to the just 4 u deals on your receipt at Von’s. I had three things that didn’t ring up with the Just 4 u price. The peanuts were one of the. Trying to go back to the cashier and explain this was like pulling teeth…not to mention how rude she was. Saving a few dollars is a big deal. Especially when you only buy the items because they are on sale. She kept showing me the “sale” price and saying it was right. I told her to look at the just 4 u tag. Apparently, Von’s will advertise Just 4 u prices on the items tag, but you don’t have access to it. You have to let the cashier know so she can adjust the price….which means you have to look at everything to make sure it rings up.

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