Vons Grocery Deals 2/20-2/26

Here are the best deals I see this week at Vons. Make sure to check out the Safeway coupon policy .

Don’t forget to check out the NEW Just4U program at Vons!


indicate my favorite deals!


In-Ad Coupons
Just for U Deals
Other Deals
Buy Any 3 Save $6 Instantly - Mix and Match (Limit 21)
Buy 3 Save $3 - Mix and Match
Buy $10 Worth of Lucerne Products and Save $2
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  1. Janna Goede says

    Hi I’m Janna Goede,
    and i just attended a coupon class and im so excited about the saving money, i thought i was a bargain shopper but i learned today that im not. OMG you mean i can save even more money. thank you for having this website and having it on FaceBook.

  2. Jules says

    tried so hard for that huggie coupon, my 10 yr old got me thru it! then they only gave me .75cents coupon.. oh well i will start my pregnant friends baby basket with .25cent wipes!!

    • Nanette says

      The $3/2 J4U is actually a mfr q. I tried that the last time I went and the register beeped telling them I already redeemed that coupon in my transaction.

  3. Nanette says

    I have a 3X’s gas rewards points when I buy gift cards. It’s my daughter birthday today and my sons is on Monday. I wanted to get them a Visa, Mastercard…. Something they can use anywhere. But the details state, ” Eligible purchases at Vons exclude Gift Cards (American Express, PayPower, Mastercard, My Choice, Vons, Visa, Only 1 Visa, NetSpend and RE-loadit Cards).” Does Vons sale Paypal prepaid cards or does anyone know of any other card Vons might sell that not linked to 1 store?

    • Lar says

      I got Amazon cards for my X rewards points, they sell almost everything. Target too. Gas cards are also a good one! Last week I had .80 off w $150 purchase I made 2 runs and got Airline cards for Christmas!

  4. says

    The chobani kids yougurt (8pk tubes and 4 pk cha,pions) are on sale 2/$4 use the ip from chobani.com/coupons makes htem on ly $1 each! Great deal for the kiddos!!! these freeze well just like the yogurts and are healthier!

  5. Anne says

    Coffeemate (liquid in the coffee aisle) 16 oz. are on sale for $1.50. I bought one tonight and got a cat for $1/2, so I’ll be back for more!

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