Food 4 Less Grocery Deals 3/13-3/19

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Here are the best deals I see this week! 



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  1. BarstowMom says

    Lol, I used my Activia coupons at Vons this week thinking I had a good on it for $0.80 each with my Just4U price and instead should have waited for this sale to get it for $0.48 each.

  2. Jesssica says

    None couponing question, anyone ever freeze sour cream? Does it work or change it for the worse…Thanks :)

    • GoMiNam says

      i never froze sour cream but it will make it look like cottage cheese and the texture will change as well . so if u don’t mind looking like that I say go for it lol. What i did freeze before was creamcheese and it looked like cottage cheese and i didnt like the texture what so ever! it totally felt nasty to me so i threw it away.

    • pamela says

      after I thawed mine, I tried blending it to see if it would bring back the original texture. came out sorta the consistency of mexican crema. don’t blend too long, or it’ll get foamy. if you don’t like the texture, you can always use the frozen ones in recipes where you won’t notice the texture. HTH!

    • kathryn says

      My mom really stocks up on sour cream when it is a hot deal.

      She keeps it in the fridge, and it is fine for a loooong time after the date (months after the date). The trick is not to open it until you are ready to use it, and you pretty much have to use it right away once it is open.

      • Glenn says

        The coupon scans fine and you get the entire $1 off. The item price is $1.48 and the Food 4 Less savings is – .50 under each item in this event when you buy 10 participating items. Because of the way this is done in their computer system during this event, you can get overage. I did this morning.

  3. Cm says

    No luck on the Motts medleys here in rancho, Bummer. Hunts tomatoes are .50cents not too bad. Also included we’re ritz crackers and planters nuts and peanut butter

  4. rebecca says

    Honey bunches of oats Greek yogurt (think thats the name) is included in the buy 10 so if you have the $1 q (exp 3/17) makes it 98 cents :)

  5. Glenn says

    Was at the Food 4 Less on Ocean Gate in Hawthorne this morning. Cashier and Shift Supervisor would not let me use more than 3 LIKE newspaper insert coupons per order. My partner and I were buying 20 items for this event and had to split the order after it was already scanned. They had no posted policy and I asked to see it (none to be seen anywhere). Shift supervisor and cashier were not friendly at all. Cashier also told me there is a 1 like coupon limit for ip’s PER WEEK. I would expect that to be something she made up.

    • ma says

      I had the same problem at that F4L. I haven’t been back since. They wouldn’t let me use 2 of the same coupons and the lady in front of me had a huge stack of coupons and had to put a bunch of stuff back

      • Jen says

        Wow I’m so glad you guys posted that. I’ve thought about shopping at that one, but I won’t waste my time now. The one on Artesia is coupon friendly.

  6. Mel says

    Is there a coupon policy found anywhere for Food 4 Less? I tried looking on their website and it only shows the “digital coupon policy” and nothing else.

    • Anna says

      As far as I’m aware, they don’t have an official printable coupon policy, and any information that is out there always has a caveat about each store being able to reject any coupon for any reason at their discretion. So basically any written policy is moot because the store’s manager can override it. :/

      I think the best thing to do is ask your store’s manager what their policy is and go from there.

  7. Islandgecko says

    My fave deals this week: El Monterey [$1/Anyone], Honey Bunches of Oats Greek cereal [$1/one], jenny Turkey Bacon [$1/one IP – Coupons . com], Kraft Miracle Whip [$1/one IP], If you look in Today’s SS – there’s a $2.00 off Chicken WYB any 2 Kraft products – This is a perfect coupon for this weeks deal :]

    Also, Kraft FreshTake is part of the Buy 10 – get $5 – $1.78 [use $1/off any one = $.78/per]

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