Giveaway: One Reader wins Procter & Gamble Prize Pack ($55 in Value)

Over the years, P&G brands like Cover Girl, Dawn, and Swiffer have received hundreds of awards from industry experts, making these some of America’s “Most Loved” home, beauty and grooming staples.

P&G is helping Americans by offering a March 31 brandSAVER coupon booklet for savings on some of its award-winning brands in the 3/31 newspapers.

I personally have found that there are several P&G brands that I love–which include Swiffer, Tide and Olay! Southern Cali Saver is helping to celebrate that P&G brands are some of America’s “Most Loved” by sharing a $55 bundle with one reader!  Bundle includes:


To Enter: Leave a comment below with your favorite Procter and Gamble product! 


I was provided with a similar package as shown above from Procter & Gamble. Please note that products may be swapped based on availability. Giveaway ends 4/1 and winner will be notified via email.

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  1. Amber Jackson says

    I’m a huge fan of Tide! I love it when I see a good deal on their detergent:)

  2. kris says

    thnx for d giveaway once again… venus and olay razors , covergirl and pantene products…

  3. Pamela says

    Favorite? Hmmm….that’s a tough one! Of course Tide is the Queen of all detergents, but I love most of the other P&G products too. The Olay Daily Facial Clothes are fabulous. In fact, I’m almost out of them…hint hint! ;-)

  4. Julienne says

    What a great giveaway!

    I have a number of favorite P&G products, including Tide Boost, Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara, and Olay body washes. I think my absolute favorite out of those would be Tide Boost!

  5. sally says

    dawn skin renewal…I have dry hand and it did help make it softer doing the dreaded dishes.

  6. yvette martin says

    I would have to say my favorites are the swiffer products. I have all wood floors and we live in the dusty desert and I use them daily.

  7. Julie says

    I love tide – they make one called Febreze Sport – perfect if you have a husband who works outside and a son who loves basketball!

  8. Sarah says

    Yay for a contest! My fave P and G items are a toss up between tide detergent and their unstopables ( the scent in the pink container) both help keep my clothes and sheets smelling good :)

  9. Val says

    My all time favorite P&G product has got to be the Venus & Olay razors. I just got the new sugarberry scent razor that I’m excited to try!

  10. Julie says

    I love Tide – Febreze Sport – perfect if you have a husband who works outside and a son who loves basketball!

  11. Val says

    Valall time favorite P&G product has got to be the Venus & Olay razors. I just got the new sugarberry scent razor that I’m excited to try!

  12. ana sainz says

    I love the swiffer dusters love how they catch all
    Dirt particles:) I have really bad allergies to dirt and these are a lifesaver :)

  13. kim says

    My favorite are Olay and Swiffer :) and thank you for the give away !!! we love your blog !!!!

  14. Lily says

    My three teenage girls and I love Pantene Aqua Light shampoo, and I’m happy that it’s paraben free

  15. says

    I love Tide original scent laundry detergent! It’s basically the only soap that gets my Fiancée’s clothes truly clean. He repairs automatic transmissions and that fluid gets on everything he owns! Lol.

  16. donna says

    I’m loving the Febreeze car clips to freshen up the cab of my husband’s semi truck.

  17. Kim says

    Hmmm! My favorite P & G product would have to be the Olay body wash. I love the different scents and the way it makes my skin so soft!

  18. RACHEL says

    I have a blog thingsiloveandyoushouldtoowcoupon/ and i would love to brag about winning this on my blog! it would be perfect!! :) DOWNY IS ONE OF MY THINGS I LOVE FORM P&G THANK YOU!

  19. cindy says

    Olay is my Fav. P.S. Congrats to George on the new job. Last night I thought for sure we would be losing you to Ohio.

  20. Anna says

    I love lash blast! The rest of me can look a complete mess but somehow mascara makes me feel put together :)

  21. Nicole J says

    Downey Unstoppables are awesome! Clean clothes from Tide and great smelling clothes from Unstoppables…doesn’t get any better than that!!!

  22. Rachel says

    Swiffer sweeper wet cloths! I think mops are gross. I love tacking on a fresh sheet that gets up the grime and smells great too.

  23. Suzanne says

    I know when couponing you are not supposed to have bran loyalty, but I cannot use anything other than Tide and Downey for my laundry! I love those two products!!

  24. pam clouse says

    dawn with olay dishwash liquid, fantastic product ! Bye, bye dry dishwashing hands.

  25. terri says

    Hi Josie! I only use CoverGirl mascara, but my all-time favorite P&G product is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I wish it worked on my face. HaHa.

  26. Kate Davis says

    Love Pantene! My hairdresser always compliments me on my super-healthy hair!

    Kate :)

  27. Krista says

    Tide to Go (oooooooooooooo)
    That little pen has saved numerous amounts of shirts for me :)

  28. Nicole says

    My favorite is Tide! I tried using other detergents to save some money…but after using several that were not very good, I came to the realization that I just need to spend the little extra for Tide! I really love the boost packs, too….they smell really good! I have used the free and gentle detergent for both of my kids since they were born.

  29. Amber Touchstone says

    I would have to go with the Venus and Olay razors…BUT…man I’m torn on the 4 in one fash wash cloths too…Nah..I’ll go for the razors, smooth as silk legs, I think they hubby likes them too ;-)

  30. Carla says

    I am a lover of Cheer. My son seems to do best with Cheer, when ever I (use to) try a different detergent he seem to have more itching flare ups. So we are very very muy muy loyal to Cheer!!!

  31. LD says

    Sooo hard to choose!!! Love the Lash Blast, Tide and Venus. But…. there are other mascaras that would make me happy and other detergents I could settle for….. but don’t you mess with my razor!!! Gotta have Venus baby… Venus!!!! ;)

  32. says

    Love tons of P&G products!!! With 4 young kids though, I would have to say my favorite product is TIDE!!! Gets the job down and leave clothes clean and smelling great! Great P&G product makes this busy momma happy!!! :)

  33. Andrea says

    Pantene is my fav!…wait Covergirl—no maybe Tide To Go pens–IDK there’s so many!!

  34. Daisy says

    Gotta say, Olay body washes are my favorite! They leave our skin feel smooth and smelling fresh!

  35. Angelica G says

    Downey unstoppables, how I love this stuff, I could just sniff my clothes all day when I use it.

  36. says

    I have always used CoverGirl make-up products and am a big fan, but growing up my grandfather always wore Old Spice and since he has past away, Old Spice deodorant and cologne will always remind me of him.

  37. claudia says

    i love all the p&G brand but especially the pantene products because they my hair looking good.

  38. Shonda Lange says

    I gotta go with Olay (I’m fighting age!) ;-) Tide also kicks butt, I’m glad they finally have a scent free version for my “allergic family”

  39. Jia says

    It’s definitely hard to pick just one and with my recent switch to homemade laundry detergent (thanks for the instructions Josie!) I have to take Tide off that list. What I still hold near and dear is my CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara in Very Black! I also looove the Covergirl 24hour LashBlast (in the black tube) but don’t use it as often as the orange one.

  40. Jenny says

    Love Pantene!!! It’s the only thing that works on my daughters hair! Everything else I can’t get a comb through!!!!! :)

  41. Samantha says

    OMG I absolutely love Fabreeze products… My husband’s feet (and therefore all his shoes and basically everything that they touch) tend to smell so this is my BEST FRIEND! haha

  42. Anna says

    I love all the products that they have…the febreze car freshener smells really good and Lasts a long time…the dove is very gentle to the skin…the tide is so effective in removing stain…all the cover girl products are amazing. Bounty paper towels and charmin toilet papers are thick that we can’t tolerate using any brands anymore.

  43. Anna says

    I love all the products that they have…the febreze car freshener smells really good and Lasts a long time…the dove is very gentle to the skin…the tide is so effective in removing stain…all the cover girl products are amazing. Bounty paper towels and charming toilet papers are thick that we can’t tolerate using any brands anymore.

  44. francine says

    I have many favorites. Pantene for keeping my hair looking good, olay for keeping my skin moisturized but mainly swiffter for keeping my house dust free and easy to use…

  45. Marina Rojas says

    Omigoodness! I love P & G products, but I have to say, my very favorite is Tide (in the white bottle) and a close runner up is Bounce…especially those free boxes we got last month at Target! So Cali Saver, I’m so glad you’re not going to Cincinnati :)

  46. Kelly A. says

    Olay Bar Soap is definitely mine and my family’s favorite, and I love the coupons on them!

  47. Angie says

    I love Gain laundry detergent and it’s smells great!! And of course you can’t leave the house without Covergirl mascara ;)

  48. Karla S says

    Pantene is my all time favorite and if it wasn’t for your coupons I wouldn’t get to enjoy using it! Thank you P&G! :)

  49. Terri (Colorado) says

    It would be hard to choose…I buy a TON of P&G products. Olay is probably my favorite.

  50. Jacinda says

    Thanks for the giveaway!!! I love most P&G products but I’m going to have to say my favorite is Tide!!!

  51. Susie Lichty says

    My favorite P&G product is Swiffer wet cloths. I have tile floors throughout my hosue, and it make cleaning so quick.

  52. Yen says

    I like swiffer, tide, olay, and venus razors. Who am I kidding, I love all P&G products lol

  53. Julie says

    Wow! Looks like there is a lot of P & G followers. I have recently become hooked on Tide’s Boost. It has helped my whites a lot. And, there is the diapers!!! My daughter has twins and the P & G coupons have been a tremendous help. I buy a lot of their products, mainly cleaning, laundry, and diapers. I undedstand they use a percentage of some of their products towards providing clean drinking water to children around the world. I always like to support companies that provide these services to innocent kids.

  54. Jennifer says

    I absolutely love Olay products! From the facewashes to the lotions, they are just awesome for my skin!

  55. Abby says

    I love the Downy unstoppables. I’m not a big fabric softener fan, but this stuff is tops!

  56. Samantha says

    Man this is a hard one I love them all can I say that :))! Their products are amazing!!

  57. g says

    P&G is the best company. I love all of their products but my favorite is Tide. Good Luck everyone :) What a great give-a-way!

  58. Kellie S says

    I love the Oil of Olay makeup removing cloths! So silky smooth and efficient! Too bad they are so pricey!

  59. Connie says

    Favorite Procter & Gamble product is definitely the Swiffer because I have kitties and their Olay skincare line. Thank you Josie

  60. Ime says

    I love Olay complete moisturizer, it’s the only one that won’t cause me to break out…. Thanks Josie for all u do

  61. Mary Jo says

    OMG I love everything to do with P&G mmmm I have to say Tide n Swiffer I have such a big fam I love everything. Lol

  62. Laura Hanson says

    I absolutely love my Venus Razor, I don’t go a day without using it. It gives me the closest shave of any of the razors that I have tried. :)

  63. Krista Stevenson says

    I love Venus razors! I won’t use anything else and my husband always steals mine to use on his face. Lol.

  64. Lar says

    Can’t stop using Unstoppables!! And Magic Erasers have literally saved my daughter from a mental breakdown.

  65. Yessika says

    I love tide. It is my ultimate favorite detergent. My daughter has skin allergies and this detergent is the only one that does not cause her to get rashes.

  66. Christin says

    I’m not sure if we have to choose from the products listed. If so, my favorite would be the Olay cloths but my absolute favorite product of theirs is the Pampers sensitive wipes. They are so gentle that my son doesn’t complain when I use them on his diaper rash.

  67. carolina says

    I LOVE the swiffer dusters!! I have bad allergies and these work great at getting dust!!

  68. Carrie says

    The Swiffer dusters have been awesome for dealing with 1500 sq feet of hardwood floors!!

  69. Velenni says

    I love covergirl products but I also loved my swiffer duster until I left it out and my Sharpei ate it :(

  70. me&myboys says

    have to say i love swiffer wetjet, saves me a lot of time and of course love the unstoppables, add it to my boy’s clothes so they smell extra special :) #prego #mommywatoddler

  71. Rebecca Avellaneda says

    I love the Olay body wash, especially when I can get it for a good price. Love the P&G coupons

  72. Leticia says

    It a Toss up we should never leave the house w/ out mascara but w/ 3 kids. Tide has definitely been a lifesaver.

  73. Mary D. says

    Wow, I think I am #202! Keep up the great job Josie. Thanks for helping my family stay on a budget. I love Olay, Cover girl, Pantene, Tide, Downey, Swiffer, and the list goes on!!!

  74. JB says

    I love the Olay products. Especially Olay Complete for sensitive skin- it’s a SPF 15 daily moisturizer, a lifesaver for me and my rosacea!

  75. Cynthia Morales says

    There are so many great products to choose from. I love the Bounce dryer sheets. I throw a few in my car and my gym bag and it makes everything smell so fresh and clean!

  76. Thabal says

    I like a lot of their products: Olay moisturizer, Downy unstoppables and Tide are my most favorite.

  77. Laura Hollis says

    Honestly, my P&G item of choice is Head&Shoulders! Before learning how to coupon, I could never “afford” such “fancy” shampoo…now my hubs and I love it and are thankful to be able to afford it!

  78. Debbie P. says

    P&G has so many useful products, but I absolutely love the Swiffer Dusters! They have made my life easier.

  79. Brittany says

    Yay!!!! You rock my socks Josie! I love love love p&g products. Tide to go pen has saved me many times!

  80. jessica says

    My all time favorite that I will not sway from is Tide. Even with all the other coupon deals for other detergents I just cant cheat on my Tide. My 2nd favorite is Olay! My face loves Olay face wash and moisturizer!

  81. Robynne says

    I love P&G products, I have never been disappointed in their quality. If had to choose one, it would be Olay -I love their facial wipes.

  82. Lucie Villegas says

    Tide , Downey and Pantene!! Love the deals at Rite Aid. I go several times a week to roll my Ups+. Love this site! Thank you Josie, xoxo!

  83. Renee Vestri says

    So many favs, but I have to say Olay Venus razor. So expensive but because of you, I never pay retail. You have the best site on the web! Thanks for all you do, Renee

  84. Lov2Save says

    Olay, is the only thing my mom uses on her face, she does not look the age she is, so yes you guessed right, I do also use Olay.

  85. Lindsey K. says

    I’m a huge fab of tide and Downey. I have a hard time not buying it Every time they go on sale.

  86. leah says

    my favorite pg product would be the olay under eye cream cus it helps my tired puffy eyes from all these awesome coupon matchups!

  87. Diana S says

    I love SO many P&G products, where to begin?!?!?! Pantene, Aussie, Bounce, Tide for sure, Cover Girl, Swiffer….I use them every day. Thanks for a chance at another great giveaway. Keep up the great work!

  88. Jessica says

    My favorite are the febreze vent car clips. I have 6 kids and they all play sports and come on we all know they smell a bit. These help keep my car smelling fresh.

  89. Mahealani says

    I love all of the Olay products!!! I have yet to find a product in that line that I do not like. Also, the Venus Spa Breeze is my favorite razor!

  90. Suzanne says

    Tide and Downey…. I just can’t do laundry with anything else. I have tried but always go back to Tide and Downey!

  91. Monsie says

    I love Tide Pods. Not only are they so cute, but the work so well on my clothes. I love using with the Downy Unstopables. My clothes smells so good after.

  92. Edna Jimenez says

    I really love that Covergirl makeup is inexpensive to begin with and when I stack it with a coupon I can get a better deal.

  93. See Her says

    I simply LOVE all the P&G products!! My favorite products are the Venus Razor and the Pantene Shampoo! I look forward to all of the P&G magazines!!!

  94. Ann says

    Ooooh…what a wonderful, generous prize, Josie! I can always count on P&G products for their quality, so love all I’ve tried, but tops are the Olay 4 in 1 daily facial cloths and Cover Girl mascara. Didn’t know there was such a thing as Febreze Car Vent Clips until I saw it in your list of products…so thanks….DH
    really needs this!!

  95. lorrie says

    I love Febreeze and Bounce. Of course my Dawn dish soap Hand Renewal is also wonderful!