New Hills Dog and Cat ideal Balance Food Rebate (up to $12.99)

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For all those with furry friends–here is a great new Hills Pet Food Rebate! Through 12/31/2013 — you can submit a rebate for up to $12.99 on the 4 lb or smaller bags of Hills Ideal Balance Cat or Dog Food.

This food can only be found a specialty stores such as Petco or Petsmart.

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  1. Gee says

    I bought this dog food on sale at petco for $11. In the rebate it says that dollar off bags etc are not accepted so I’m wondering if it will go through.

  2. jackie says

    when i click on the rebate, it redirects me to the hills pet website and says this:

    The page you requested, /pdf/IB_CAT_REBATE_2013.pdf, does not exist on this site

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