Official Ralphs Coupon Policy

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Having a copy of your stores coupon policy is important in couponing.  As always, I highly recommend you print this Ralphs Coupon Policy 

A couple of things that I noticed:

  • Coupons cannot be used on “free” items. (so, in the example of a Buy One Get one Free Sale–you cannot use a coupon on the items that is free from the store)
  • Only two internet coupons per manufacturer per Customer, per day

As always, check with your local store for more details on internet printables. 

Competitor Catalina (checkout) coupons are accepted. 

 – Limit one (1) Catalina coupon per item. 

– There is no limit on the number of Catalina coupons (one Catalina coupon per item) that are presented in a

single transaction as long as the total coupon amount does not exceed the total grocery bill for that


Some of you have stated that you can use Walgreens Register Rewards at Ralphs. (the Register Reward states “manufacterer coupon” at the top–therefore it CAN be redeemed anywhere that accepts them) My local store won’t budge on this but many of you have had success. Check with your local store for details.

Print the Ralphs Coupon Policy here


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  1. Laura says

    I used to be able to use Register Rewards at my Ralphs, but I’ve noticed recently that the RR says “Redeem ONLY at Walgreens” (or something to that effect). I never noticed it before.. and since then, I haven’t had any success using it. The register will beep.. :(

  2. Tara says

    My store won’t take the register rewards because it isn’t for a specific item just an amount off. They will take Walgreens catalinas for specific products.

  3. Nida says

    If the store has a BOGO sale and I also have a matching BOGO Manufacturer
    coupon. Would I then get both items free.

    • Josie says

      It depends on what store you are asking for. Each store has its own Policy.. Ralphs does not allow this. Hope that helps!

  4. Nida says

    Still a little new at couponing at Ralph’s. Can I stack a ralph store coupon (not digital) with a competitor catalina coupon on a single item that is not free?

  5. Brittany says

    I just got a $5 off $20 diaper purchase store cat. Coupon. Can I use my man. Coupons with this? Does it apply to my before or after coupon total? If so what would be the best scenario to get the most for my money?

    • Angela says

      Ive had a variety of experiences. Based on what I have bought sometimes I have had to have them scan the CAT first THEN the Ralph’s card. You can use the Catalinas fine as long as it is one per item. You can use a manufacture coupon as well.

      Example: 4 Huggies pks for $24

      Use Catalina that is $5 of $20 purchase

      brings down to $19

      THEN use your $1- ? off each pack of huggies Qs for a maximum total of $15 plus tax.

      My ralphs will accept 5 of the same coupon except NOT when the coupon has a coupon limit per transaction indicated on the coupon itself. so for me I would do on the diapers right up to 20.01 or higher whatever number of packs you want to get to get more bang for your buck. you’re already talking paying $20 in diapers to save the $5 so might as well go up to a couple dollars more and use more coupons to even out or make it so much cheaper. I save more by getting more because sometimes a deal requires more quantity. But also remember your store might also be having a weekly deal of buy 5 items and save $5 so in that scenario I would get the 5th pk because essentially that pack would be free anyway. A different way to look at it but it’s a been a good way for me to stock up without having to pay anymore than I normally would anyway.

      Good Luck

  6. Nick says

    This needs to be updated, As of Feb 2014 Ralphs is changing its policy on online printed coupons. Can someone verify the new rules?

  7. Deana says

    Do you know if their current mega sale of $3 off is limited to once per transaction? For example, if I buy 12 participating items will I get $.50 off each item or only the $3.00. TIA!

  8. couponer 1001 says

    Hi with current mega sale if you buy 15 participating items do I get 15 dollars off since multiples 5

    • Angela says

      buy 5 save $5 does equal buy 15 save $15 because its all about the increments of 5 required. happy saving!

  9. ann says

    does anybody know if you can stack a manufacturer coupon with a ralphs store coupon (non-digital)? i didn’t find that question here, and i couldn’t find the coupon policy on the ralphs site :(

    • says

      You can. However, its very rare that you will find a “store” ralphs coupon. Even their personalized coupons that are sent in the mail state that they are manufacturer coupons. Hope that helps!

  10. Kate says

    Hi do you know if ralphs adjusts down coupons? I don’t see it in their policy so it might on store’s discretion?

    • ChipL955 says

      My experience is that Ralphs gives overage on paper cents-off or dollars-off coupons, but paper coupons for a free item are adjusted if necessary to the maximum value stated on the coupon. Meanwhile, electronic coupons that are for more than the cost of the item are not adjusted down; they simply do not count.

      For example, a few weeks ago, when Challenge cream cheese was at $0.99 on the mega sale, my $1.00-off paper coupons were applied at full value (not adjusted down to $0.99) but my $1.00 digital coupon was not applied at all.

      That was also true last summer when those $6.00-off-3 paper coupons were out there for Gillette shaving products. The whole $6.00 came off, even if the three Gillette items you bought cost less than $6.00 total.

      However, I have never tried doing a deal where my entire order would be free or where I would be owed overage after cents-off coupons. I have always had more items in my order than just the freebies.

      My experience has also been that this could be up to the individual store. When single rolls of Brawny were on sale for $0.99 a few weeks ago, those blasted “$2.00 off any two (2) packs” coupons would not beep at the register — they would totally go through. But the manager at my store instructed all the cashiers not to accept them. At the store a few miles away, they accepted the coupons.

      (Interestingly, the store a few miles away that accepted the coupons ended up selling out of Brawny. The store nearest me that wouldn’t accept the coupons had tons of Brawny single rolls left. Let’s see: one store sells out and gets a bunch of coupons for which they are reimbursed and paid a handling fee, while the other store has inventory left over. Who’s the smarter store manager?)

      Now, if a coupon is for free products to begin with, with a maximum value, and the Ralphs price is higher than the maximum value, the coupon will beep and the cashier will have to manually adjust the coupon to match the price of the item. For instance, a few weeks ago, Sheba cat food was on sale for $0.70 a can, and there was a coupon for Buy 5/Get 5 Free with a maximum value of, I think, $3.25. The coupon would beep and the cashier would have to adjust the coupon to $3.25, rather than $3.50 (which would be the value of five cans at $0.70 each).

      Tomorrow should be a good test case. Popsicles are on sale for $1.00 each, and I’ve got two IPs for $1.50/1 any Popsicle product. Plus, Sheba cat food is on sale for $0.50 a can, and there’s a Buy 10/Get 10 Free paper coupon out there with a maximum value of, I think, $6.50. I am anticipating that the Popsicle coupons will be redeemed at $1.50 each, but the Sheba coupons will be manually adjusted to be worth $5.00.

      Sorry for the long-winded answer, which isn’t really an answer at all–just my observation over the years. Good luck!

      • Kate says

        Thanks for sharing your observation! So next time a coupon gives an overage, I’ll just make sure that I get something to absorb it to avoid any problems. I actually tried to call corporate to ask about their policy about this & all I got was it’s the store’s manager’s discretion.. not really much of a help!

        • ChipL955 says

          You’re welcome!

          Yesterday, my coupons for $0.50/1 Paper Mate Write Bros. multi-pack pens (which are priced at 3/$1.00 for the 10-pack this week) and $1.50/1 Popsicles (priced at $1.00 each) went through without a hitch and rang up at the full value of the coupons.

          The B10G10 free and B5G5 free Sheba cat food coupons beeped and the cashier had to enter $5.00 and $2.50 manually.

          I think it’s the store manager’s discretion whether or not to accept a coupon. But I think Ralphs’ registers are set to accept cents-off/dollars-off coupons at face value as long as the proper matching item has been purchased, and you wouldn’t end up being owed money. So I think your plan is a good one! Good luck!

  11. Kim says

    I am planning my trip to Ralphs for the Mega event. Unfortunately, I have digital coupons loaded to my card, but I have paper coupons for a higher value. Is there a way to remove the digital coupons from a card? Also, as for internet coupons, is the “policy” still only two printed coupons per manufacturer per day? Thanks, so much!

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