Ralph’s Mega Sale Deals!

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This week is the Ralph’s Mega Sale!  Here are a few of my favorite unadvertised deals I found this morning.

Remember, you must purchase 5 particpating items to get the prices listed here. You can mix and match as well.


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  1. j k says

    Silk is also on sale for $1.99 wyb5 and there was a blinkie coupon at my store, 55cents off, making it $1.49 ea.

  2. Amanda P says

    Does anyone know if you can freeze coffee creamer? My family loves the Bailey’s creamers and since there free I want to stock up but only if I can freeze it. Thanks!

    • carolina says

      We freeze our baileys creamer, and it taste just the same when we use it! Last time it was free they had a discussion here and lots of people said that they froze their creamers. We tried it and works great!

  3. SLNY says

    Has anyone had any problems using the print coupons at Ralph’s lately. I had my worst couponing experience to date trying to use the .30 Capri sun coupon. The cashier refused the coupon saying they no longer take internet coupons. I asked since when did that start? I told them the policy is only 2 internet coupons and I had 2. She went and got the manager on duty and they were whispering about it for like 5 minutes. The manager told me that she was told that they don’t take zerox copied coupons. I told her these are printed not copies, then pointed to barcode numbers. She snatched the coupon from me and with her thumb on part of the coupon barcode tried to scan it. Then told me see it doesn’t work, like I said we don’t take internet or zerox copies. I told her to show me this new policy and she told me they didn’t have a copy at this time. I told her that the Kroger/Ralph’s policy does allow for it. She told me she need to see it in black and white. Meanwhile, there is now 8 people behind me. The cashier said we would just give me a store credit this time for the .60 for customer satisfaction and I could talk to actual store manager later. The manager then says to me you can’t afford .60, all this for .60. I told her it was not about the change but her attitude. I pulled up the policy on my mom’s friend’s Iphone and showed her policy. She then accused me of making up the policy on the phone. (Unbelievable!!!) I point to the Ralph’s logo and she told me I see a logo so what. Another customer pulled it up on his phone too and we both pointed to Ralphs website in the search menu. She then told me she was only following directions. I told her I will accept her apology, but she needs to work on her customer service skills. I’m complaining to corporate today. This woman was extremely rude.

    • Daisy says

      Good for you for standing up for yourself! I want to encourage you to actually write a letter and mail it to corporate with a copy of your receipt that shows the store, the cashier, etc. I worked corporate customer service for years and can guarantee you that complaints that arrive in writing are taken more seriously than someone calling on the phone because they’re mad at the moment (it takes more effort to put it into writing and mail it so they know you’re rally truly upset when you make that effort.)

      • SLNY says

        Thanks for the advise Daisy! I will do both. The cashier was actually nice, just the manager on duty was rude. The guy who looked it up on the phone said he would call corporate too! He was in total shock by her behavior. The cashier although she was new showed better “management skills” than the actual manager on duty. I have had my share of coupon struggles but this manager was by far the worst I ever encountered. I was going to let it go but once she snatched the coupon out my hand, it was over from there.

        • Tina says

          Let us know if you hear back from corporate. I’m interested to know if they take complaints seriously. I’ve also experienced rude cashiers at Ralphs for using coupons. Unfortunately, and I hate to say it, I’ve noticed it’s usually the older cashiers, so now I try to stick with the younger ones who quickly scan the coupons without much hassle.

  4. jo says

    baileys creamer ” thanks girls for the tips on freezing the Creamer :)

    I was at Ralphs today ..saw wesson oil has part of the mix match part 5, }$2.49 :) this the cheapest price I`ve seen this year !!
    I was at food 4 lss today & bought for wesson oil $2.98 :(


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