Stater Bros Grocery Deals 3/6-3/12

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Here are the BEST deals at Staters this week!


Print out the Stater Brothers Coupon Policy — in case you have any cashier mishaps :)

Stater Brothers has reveled their NEW Digital coupons program! At first glance, it appears that MANY of these coupons are printable coupons from so far. Although, there are some Digital coupons available. Take a look here.





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  1. Lily says

    Can someone answer my question? I was trying to use the Kraft Mac n Cheese coupon that has the WM logo and Staters would not accept it.

    • Heather says

      Lily, I’ve had the same issue with my Mira Loma (Riv Co) Stater Bros. I had a mfg coupon from JIF peanut butter that clearly stated MFG coupon but since it had the Target logo on it, they would not take it. I argued too and said, “LOOK, it says manufacturer coupon!” But they said they will NOT take any coupon that has another store’s logo on it, no matter what else it may say.

      Personally, I think it might be something they do to protect themselves from some cashiers that just don’t think or read. So they say, if it has another store’s logo, say no!

  2. Kerrie says


    That happens quite a bit! Sometimes it depends on the cashier and others you need to ask for a manager – their decision is final. It’s unfair…because regardless it IS a manufacturer coupon and the wording does NOT state “Redeemable ONLY AT ….”. I have tried to argue that point but, like I said their decision is usually final. Walgreen’s has adopted that same policy (at least my local store) and even the manager refused to accept it…in the end it just wasn’t worth the hassle. :(


  3. Shantilly says

    Wouldn’t the final price for the Farmer John’s be 75 cents each?

    $1.25 x 2 = $2.50
    $2.50 – $1Q = $1.50
    $1.50 / 2 – $.75 each

  4. Tanya Willey says

    Just ran to my (San Marcos) Stater Bros, and found some Poise products on Closeout pricing of $2.99 (perfect with the new $3 Poise coupons). Also, I bought 2 Barilla sauces (2/$4) and 2 pastas ($.099) and got a $1 Catalina from Barilla (also used 2 of the $1 off pasta and sauce coupons!).

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