Vons: 4 FREE Chips Ahoy! (No coupons Required)

This deal is rolling! :)

Check out this great deal that Tanja sent me. Vons has Chips Ahoy Cookies Snak Pack (8oz) on sale for $1 ea. When you purchase 4, you will receive a $4 catalina. That makes all 4 FREE after catalina

Catalina Details through 4/10:

  • Buy two, get $1.00 OYNO
  • Buy three, get $2.00 OYNO
  • Buy four or more, get $4.00 OYNO

{Deal Idea}

Buy (4) Chip Ahoy $1 ea (ONLY working on the Chip Ahoy cookies)
Pay: $4, Get Back $4 catalina
= 4 bags free!

Thanks, Tanja

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      • EES says

        I was at Albertsons yesterday and the bags were on sale for $1). I bought the 4 but the catalina didn’t print. Maybe I bought the wrong thing but I think it was the right one (it looked like the picture). I just told the lady that I bought them at the wrong store and she returned them no problem.

    • yvonne says

      just tried no catalina, 10 for 10 sale :( and at Vons there were only 2 chips ahoy left, still got $1 back for buying 2 :(

  1. says

    I’m new to couponing so please bear with me. Keep seeing these posts about catalinas and I don’t understand how this makes an item free. If I spend $4 to buy these cookies and get a $4 Catalina wouldn’t that mean that the next time I buy the cookies then they would be free? So really this wouldn’t be free cause I have to spend the money first to get the Catalina for my next transaction…right?

    • Josie says

      essentially it is free after catalina because you can use the catalina on anything in the store. So, yes.. you need to spend $4 to get the $4 back but then you can take your catalina and buy $4 of produce (something you may buy anyway)

  2. Jenn says

    Is there a limit as to how many times a cat will roll? For example, could I get 24 bags for $4 if I did this 8 times? (Of course, I would get back in line and not hog up a register. ;) )
    I have a kids birthday party coming up and these would make great goody bag stuffers.

  3. Lar says

    Looks like my son will be getting alot of chips ahoys to take back to college after Easter!! Thanks Josie!!!

  4. SLNY says

    Thanks Josie and Tanja for sharing!!! I need to stock up on snacks. This has been one of the best shopping weeks for me, between the awesome deals I got at CVS, Walgreens and now Vons. Plus I have exactly $4 left in my stockpile budget. What are the odds and this deal is rolling. Wish every week was like this!

  5. Idi says

    Thanks Tanja and Josie just got mine. Make sure you check expiration dates cause there were some that expire in April at my store and some in Nov.

  6. Deejay says

    Hey everyone I have April P&G inserts 10 for trade of something in stock pile .. Will only meet at riverside plaza … Looking for full size body wash … I have 4 sets of 10

  7. Karen says

    This just worked for me in Tustin but only rolled twice. No Cat on the 3rd purchase. Haven’t decided if I’ll take 4 back or be happy with 12 bags for $4 lol….

    • Daryl Ann says

      That happened to me at Pavillions in HB BUT the cashier has to pressa cash button or something because when I went VONS in HB it went 4x

  8. Tanja says

    If your store is out of the Snak-Saks the Catalina also works on the 3.5 oz Go-Paks on sale for $1.00 and the 13 oz original package on sale $1.88. I went today to try it out and bought 2 Go-Paks and 2 13 oz packs. Paid $5.66 received $4.00 OYNO.

  9. Shonda Lange says

    I got mine in Eastvale – cat rolled 3 times! Thanks Tanya and Josie (no one else I saw posted this sale) I think the regular packages are $1.88-1.99, so they would be $.99 after cat – good deal too. Also, check for a display by the registers – there was more there at my store!

  10. BarstowMom says

    Got mine and rolled it twice. Thanks Josie, Tanya and Emily (saw your post about this deal in the Vons thread last night). The bags were on the very top shelf towards the back and I had to climb to get them, I’m only 4 ft. 10 lol.

  11. Ana C says

    Does anyone know when this deal will end? And when the catalinas will stop printing? My vons didnt have any in stock and they gave me a rain check but wanted to know when is the deadline -.- thanks!

  12. Michelle says

    I was able to roll this four times!! Not only that but my bags had $1 off of 2 bags peelies making this a $2 money maker!!! :)

  13. porter says

    Just to let everyone know
    nabisCo has a Q for 1$ off 2 that work with the nabisCo Cookies on sale at Vons you Can get the q’s at VONS i got mine from the Vons in Lakewood off Candlewood aCross the street from the mall so even if all the Chips ahoy were gone w the Q all the dollar nabisCos were a great deal

  14. Shannon says

    I got 8 bags, how do you find out what Catalina’s are printig at the different stores? And thanks for the information.

  15. Heather says

    I got the last 4 in Torrance Von’s bought those first then the $5 stuffers (2) used (2)$1.50 off 1 total $7.00 thanks two meals and snacks thumbs up for under $10 awesome.

  16. jo says

    josie ,tanya !! GREAT Find Aother Sweet dea :)
    Yes I was lucky to find some nabisco coupons !=$1/2 ..

    last week I didnt think they where that gd.. Wow !! I`m get $2 overage on ever 4, i buy :) :)

    bought Vons sugar 1.99
    redi whip with n store 2.50
    tostitios chips n store 1.99

    how long r the nabsico cook on sale for ?
    the cat deal run until 4/10

    ty for all feed back S/calif

  17. Shelly says

    I rolled this 7 times! I must have had a grouchy cashier because she said, “hmmm, must be a glitche in the system” and looked tame like I wads thief! Hahaha. At least my kids are happy!

  18. happysdmom says

    I saw those big ones on sale for $1.88, will that work too? If so, $0.88 each is not bad, given the $1 bags are all gone in all stores near me.


  19. jo says

    the large box didnt work 1.88 ,i bought 4 tonight No catalina :(

    my store was out …I did use 2 1/2 coupons

    oop $5.52 my mother-n law that was still gd good deal..

  20. jo says

    josie ! was both bags of cookies chip ahoy & to go cups ”

    I forgot to mention I bought 4 boxes chip ahoy white cookies 1.88..
    maybe if i would have bought box on the chip ahoy only it might of worked

    thanks update

  21. Christina A says

    I went to Pavillions today in Monrovia Ca and they changed the price from 10/$10 to 2.99 a bag, maybe it was just a weekend sale…

  22. jo says

    freebiecali ? did buy the chip ahoys stand up bags ? 10/10

    was the cat machine working ?green lite .
    my store wipes out chip ahoy.. we have good stock of nabisco cookies except for stand ups chip ahoys ..
    anyone else tryed this deal & it worked last night or today..


    • crlzmmr says

      I went to 3 different Vons again today
      and the deal worked again at all of them.
      I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how well Vons cashiers
      are reacting to the customer getting free cookies.
      “Hey, its that lady again! The one who comes in, gets free cookies,
      gets a coupon for more cookies, and then leaves!”
      (They’re laughing, I’m laughing, a good time is had by all.)
      I only buy 4 packs at each store each day,
      maybe that is why they are ok with it.

  23. jo says

    crlzmmr ” Well said ” I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how well Vons cashiers
    are reacting to the customer getting free cookies.

    ty for feed back !!it still wrkg

    • crlzmmr says

      I forgot to mention that it is still working in San Diego
      if you are buying the “original” flavor cookies Snak Pack.
      ( I didn’t try any other flavors, or go cups, or big bags )

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