Vons Grocery Deals 3/6-3/12

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Here are the best deals I see this week at Vons. Make sure to check out the Safeway coupon policy .

Don’t forget to check out the NEW Just4U program at Vons!


indicate my favorite deals!



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  1. Cynthia says

    Tillamook yogurts are on sale for $.50 each and there is a B1G1 coupon in the coupon center. There is also a $.50/3 coupon in the coupon center.

    So would you need to buy 6 to get both coupons to work?

  2. Cynthia says

    I also found One FREE bottle CalNaturale Svelte® , one (1) free bottle of CalNaturale Svelte® Chocolate or Cappuccino protein shakes in the coupon center.

    • Amy H. says

      I have this too, but I think the $3.95 value is for a free processing fee…I’m pretty sure you’d still have to pay for any value you add to the card.

  3. EES says

    One of my favorite Friday deals is 5 XL Hershey candy bars for $1. I was getting a customized price for $1.28 which oz-wise was a better deal than the larger bars at Walmart so for only $ each1, even better!

  4. Barbara says

    is it okay to use the wreck it ralphs coupon on the Combo purchase deal (buy blue ray get free popcorn) the coupon printed with little print saying its not valid with others offers.


  5. sapphirecitrine says

    thanks as usual for doing this! you make a working mom much happier!

    plus my little girl said.. “it Weds mommy, today we at Vons right? wait until you pick me up from school because i like to do the coupons with you”

  6. says

    luvsdiapers.com —sign up and get a $1/1 coupon mailed to you..i dont htink it will come in time but , these are often $5 a pack on fridays !

  7. Sara says

    Can someone clarify again for me. “One time” wordage on J4U coupons doesn’t mean limited to one item it means as many items in one trip, correct? They really need to make it easier to understand.

    • Kim M says

      I just spoke to a Customer Service Rep. by phone 2 days ago and she explained to me it means on one item. I know in the past their have been cliches in Von’s system where if you bought 10 items of Oscar Meyer hot dogs it would take the amount off each hot dog but it shouldn’t have. If it has a limit number on it then you may buy up to that many of the product and receive the $ off each item but if their is no limit number then it means just 1 item. I did mention they need to make it easier to understand. She was very polite and helpful.

      • pamela says

        this is not always true in my experience, not counting the oscar mayer time. I’ve had one timers take off one and I’ve had one timers take off more than one in the same transaction. seems to me, the only way to find out is to test it at the register.
        Perhaps the rep was only talking about the manu q’s in your just4U account, those are always one time use, but the store q’s seem to vary. I totally agree that they need to be labeled more clearly. I hate it when I do an awesome deal once and realize I could’ve done it many more times and stocked up!

  8. Iris says

    Frigo cheese heads string cheese 6 count are also bogo for $2.99. With $0.75 mfr ecoupon makes a pretty good deal. Pay $2.24 for 2 packs.

    • pamela says

      are you sure frigo is bogo? I see the other brands of string cheese in the ad, not frigo. did you do this deal? did it take 75cents off only one? tia!

      • Nat says

        My just 4 you club specials has a bogo on the precious sting cheese…not Frigo, hmm will have to look into it when I go.

      • Iris says

        Yes, the ad says “Look for additional participating tags in store”. The Frigo 6 oz. size is bogo. Yes I did this deal and it took $0.75 off of 1.

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